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New BSG Service

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Embryo transfer


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BSG Embryotransfer (ET)


Embryo transfer (ET) plays a major role in modern breeding programmes and is also increasingly in demand as a service. Since it is important to us as the Greifenberg Insemination Station to be a reliable service provider for our member companies, two of our insemination technicians have completed the additional training as embryo transfer technicians.

This means that the BSG service range can now be further expanded and with immediate effect, companies can have embryos transferred by our ET technicians.

In principle, only the transfer of embryos is possible through our ET technicians. Your trusted ET veterinarians are still responsible for the collection of embryos and are in contact with our ET technicians. They are to be used as representatives and to support the ET veterinarian (vacation, illness, appointment problems).

In this way a more flexible transfer of your embryos should be possible.





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