BSG Rind-App

BSG Rind-App

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BSG-Rind App

the mobile herd manager

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BSG-RindApp – the mobile herd manager for your pocket


The BSG-RindApp is a practical herd manager that automatically has all important information about the individual animals of your dairy herd.

The data records of the HITier database and the LKV form the basis for this. In addition, there is a close network with the services of BSG (insemination, mating, farm supply), whereby the data of RindApp is automatically supplemented. If, for example, an insemination is reported by the technician or own herd inseminator, it is automatically stored with the respective animal and at the same time various herd management functions are carried out (e.g. calculation of the expected calving date, transfer to the action lists, ...).

Due to the variety of functions and the user-friendly, easy operation, the RindApp facilitates many tasks around herd management, maintenance of the HIT database as well as the insemination notification, which makes it a valuable and free tool for every member farm of the BSG.

Those who prefer to work on the PC can also use all functions of the BSG-RindApp on the PC via the web platform


The BSG-RindApp3 at a glance

  • Reporting of Inseminations
  • Bull information and current information from BSG
  • Connection with the HiTier-database (report birth, entry and exit of the animal on the farm)
  • Herd management functions (Pregnacy testing results, documentation,…)
  • Overview of the semen stock in the farm container
  • Notification of the delivery date for semen deliveries
  • Link with proposals of the mating consultation
  • Use of BSG-RindApp3 also offline


Web platform

  • Use of all functions of BSG-RindApp3 on the PC via the web platform
  • Overview of current inseminations, invoices and semen deliveries
  • Combined use of BSG-RindApp3 and web platform possible
  • Link to the BSG homepage and Facebook page




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Ritter Martina

Tel.: 08192-9336-59


Winter Maria Luise

Tel.: 08192-9336-3
Fax: 08192-9336-482


Mock Up handy BSG Rind App Kopie