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BSG Mating Advise

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With the large number of interesting bulls, it is difficult for many farmers to keep track of the situation...

Computer-aided mating programs are a great help in the search for the right mating partner for the individual cow. Successful mating planning also contributes to a better profitability of the farm. Failures regarding milkability, low operational performance or poor conformation can be significantly reduced.


What is taken into account during mating?

  • Compensation of weaknesses in the exterior

  • Result from genotyping (if available)

  • Milk performance, milk compoenents, milkability, fitness (udder health, fertility, ...)

  • Avoidance of inbreeding

  • Genetic characteristics (e.g. hereditary defects, kappa/beta casein)

  • Healthy breeding values (Holstein)

  • Horn status (polled / horned)

  • Selection support (sexed semen, beef bull; sale)

  • Farm's own breeding objective (e.g. suitability for milking robots, pasture or organic, ...)

  • Individual bull selection



The cow in the centre - how does the mating advice work

The cows are evaluated by the consultant at the beginning of the consultation. During this process, the cow's weak points are recorded in detail so that they can be taken into account for further breeding steps. The bull selection is carried out together with the farmer and the consultant. When selecting bulls, the individual goals and the orientation of the farm are taken into account. The mating program BAP links the weaknesses of your cows with the strengths of insemination bulls and shows which bulls are suitable for your cow.

Especially for inbreeding avoidance and in hereditary defect management BAP is a real enrichment. Risk matings in which both parents are carriers of hereditary diseases are excluded.

Finally, the farmer receives two or three mating proposals for each cow. We will also be working even more specifically in the polled segment in the future - this will enable us to decide which horn status a particular bull should preferably be mated to. Whether, for example, a heterozygous (Pp) polled cow should be mated with a hored bull, or a pure-bred (PP) polled cow with a horned bull, etc.


Genomic age in cattle breeding

What is new is that, if genomic breeding values of the female are available, these are also included in the mating planning. The consultant, in cooperation with the farmer, can determine whether the genotype (breeding values) or the phenotype (exterior and actual performance) is preferred. The mating program therefore uses all available data to find the best possible mating partner for the cows. Here, a flood of data is sorted in a sensible way, which is no longer manually feasible for a farmer and saves a lot of time.

The BAP is also part of Brown Swiss Vision and is free of charge for participating farms.


Our work is your advantage

In addition to the neutral assessment of the herd by our employees, the farmers also appreciate the clearly arranged mating lists. For each cow, two or three mating suggestions are taken into consideration, whereby also sexed semen or beef bulls can be included.


These are your advantages at a glance:

  • Creation of a tailor-made breeding goal for your farm

  • Characteristic recording and classification by trained breeding consultants

  • Consideration of inbreeding degree, bloodlines and hereditary defects

  • Full flexibility in scope and choice of bulls

  • Neutral bull selection and mating according to your specifications

  • Targeted and individual mating of all animals according to performance and conformation

  • Optional mating based on genomic breeding values

  • Free service for all participating Braunvieh-Visions farm




Persons to talk to:

Service just available in Germany!

Tobias Fischer

Mobil: 0174/2786461


Kaspar Reiser

Mobil: 0170/4193056