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BSG Insemination Service


The insemination station Greifenberg employs 18 top trained insemination technicians in the field and supplies 38 veterinarian field offices. They are on the road every day for our farms in the whole BSG insemination area.


We offer:

  • Many years of experience
  • Consulting in breeding issues
  • High quality insemination performance
  • High punctuality (only minor delays)
  • Favourable fee situation
  • Access to current top genetics


As a link between the insemination station and the farmer, our insemination officers are closely involved in the daily work on the farms.

With their professional experience, they are an important support for our customers as contact persons in all fields of breeding, insemination and fertility. On the other hand they can give impulses for the improvement of the services for our member farms.


Motivation & Innovation

Our insemination technicians and veterinarians are equipped with modern tablets, which enables an immediate recording of the insemination data. Within a short period of time the transmission of the insemination message to the LKV and the BSG-RindApp is possible, so that the data of your dairy herd is always available.


Farm working with an A.I. technician and the use of the BSG-RindApp 3

The BSG-RindApp 3 offers for our companies that rely on an insemination technician the possibility to register an insemination directly with your insemination technician via the app. For this purpose, the cow to be inseminated is selected in the RindApp and saved via the button "Insemination registration".

In addition, the desired bull and a comment can be entered. After saving, the registration will be sent directly to your insemination technician





Further information:


Tel.: 08192-9336 -3

Fax: 08192-9336 -842




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