Portrait Fleckvieh - MAYBACH PP 10.857990


Fleckvieh bull portrait MAYBACH PP


BULLENPORTRAIT MAYBACH PP - more tha "just" polled

MAYBACH PP 10.857990 (Mahango x Zwiefach PP x Dextro x Stralist Maria)


The name Maybach is associated with luxury and exclusivity. With the Mahango Pp*-son Maybach PP* you can enjoy the luxury of not having to dehorn your calves, because he is purebred hornless. In addition, he comes from an exclusive cow family that can cover all areas of Simmental cattle breeding. Whether it's a high service life, show ring or breeding events, this cow family is always in the mix, and with Maybach PP* it now produces the most complete daughter-tested purebred hornless Simmental bull. Bred by the Reinwald farm from Igelsbach in Middle Franconia, Maybach PP* was purchased together with the CRV Germany station. His dam Mellisa P has calved for the fifth time in the meantime and five high-performance daughters contribute to the spread of this cow family. Great-granddam Stralist Maria produced over 100,000 kg milk. In the breeding values of Maybach PP* the hereditary power of the cow family is clearly visible.

Medium-framed, well-muscled cows with a long middle hand and correct feet are his programme. With decent performance (+594kg milk) with scarcer components, Maybach PP* convinces with best fertility (112) & longevity (112) besides excellent maternal calving behaviour.

The excellent calf quality is already known since the young sires and manifests itself in a beef performance of strong 121 points. The small-volume udders of the Maybach PP*-daughters are high and tightly attached, with somewhat further out placed but correctly positioned, longer teats.

Maybach PP* is a calm bull with a very pleasant character. That he passes this on to his daughters par excellence is also evident on the farms, as well as in the milking behaviour (112).

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Portrait Fleckvieh - MAYBACH PP 10.857990