PASADENA available with sexed semen


PASADENA available with sexed semen

PASADENA 10.346465- NEW availabe with sexed semen

Bulls out of older bull dams? Performance & longevity?

This is exactly where Piano-son PASADENA (Piano x Dario) fits in perfectly. His dam Rhorio calved for the fourth time at the beginning of January and looks back on a lifetime performance of almost 40,000kg milk and a peak performance of over 15,000kg milk. Her dam and Pasadena granddam Rhotuva is currently in her seventh lactation with a lifetime production of 84,530kg milk.

Diese Kuhfamilie ist keine Unbekannte, den hierbei handelt es sich um den international bekannten R-Kuhstamm von der Schwayer und Hofer GbR, der sowohl hinsichtlich Exterieur als auch Leistung, Fitness und Lebensleistung keine Wünsche offen lässt.

♦ PASADENA 10.346465 ♦

(Piano x Dario x Vasir x Evtun)

Cow family Milk performance Fitness Udder health Vitality

The Piano son Pasadena promises a high willingness to perform. This is optimally secured by the dam's side and could already be proven by his dam Rhorio and granddam Rothuva. Rhorio is a very balanced cow with a strong udder quality and excellent texture. From Pasadena we can also expect fit daughters with correct feet&legs and an appealing udder quality. Especially in the fore udder and rear udder Pasadena leaves nothing to be desired.

Breeder: Schwayer und Hofer GbR, Baisweil

Breeding values Swiss top sire BSG PASADENA

PASADENA available with sexed semen