Holstein SEPIA sexed


Holstein SEPIA 10.797270 - available with sexed semen

SEPIA 10.797270 - available with sexed semen

(Semino x Commander)

K.-Casein: BB
B.-Casein: A1A2

With his RZG of 158 points, Semino-Son Sepia can continue to secure a place among the highest genomic Holstein sires. He remains faithful to the line of his successful cow family, because Sepia Grandmother Mabelle is the dam of the Missouri son Milton, who is one of the best daughters tested bulls with RZG 143. Melania, the dam of Sepia, has already calved for the third time, and inspires with the enormous length in the body, as well as the lively, wide-attached quality udder. The performance traits of Sepia are component emphasized (+ 0,61 % fat, + 0,28 % protein), with excellent breeding values for udder health  (123) and milkability (108). Also in health breeding values (RZGesund 115 ) this exceptional bull leaves no wishes open, which can also shine with an excellent type traits.


Holstein SEPIA sexed