Holstein News SORELIO Red P - sexed semen available


Holstein News SORELIO Red P - sexed semen available



SORELIO Red P 10.793070 available with sexed semen 

(Solitair P x Gymnast x Apoll P) - Breeder: Hinnemann Philipp, Laer

A2A2 Milk performance Type Fitness Udder health

When looking at the current Red Holstein young bull list, immediately catches the eye with the BSG Sorelio Red P with his outstanding breeding values. Thanks to lucky circumstances the Solitair P-son bred by Philipp Hinnemann could move into the stables of the Greifenberg Insemination Station. Coming from the well-known Canadian Glen Drummond Splendor, dam Dido and great-granddam Dream are still at the Hinnemann farm. Dido is completing her first lactation these days and has been able to develop enormously in both her physique and udder texture since her first calving. Also the Sorelio Red P-granddam is still at the farm with five calves and delights with her tightly attached, well textured udder. With the medium frame inheritance, the strong health breeding values and the flawless type, Sorelio Red P is exactly the bull that the Red Holstein breed has been waiting for. He is also a heterozygous polled bull and with his breeding value for calving easy he suits as well for heifer inseminations.

Breeding values Sorelio Red P...

Holstein News SORELIO Red P - sexed semen available