From bull semen to BayernOx


From bull semen to BayernOx

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In perfect weather, we welcomed a group of Munich restaurateurs who visited several farms today as part of the "BayernOX" programme to learn about the origins of the beef they use.

From bull semen to steer!

In addition to two farms, the BSG Greifenberg was also on the programme at the end.

Here, the caterers and staff were not only informed about the wide range of top-quality breeds, but also about the entire process of the bulls, the production of the semen, the quality assurance, as well as the traceability!

The bull presentation of various breeds and calibres of beef breeds, Pinzgauer, Brown Swiss and Fleckvieh attracted special interest. Of course, always present were our heavy boys Visor PS, Manolo Pp and Hood, who always love to present themselves to the audience,

Special thanks to Jürgen Lochbihler and the Pschorr team for organising this outing!

At this point also THANK YOU to the stable team for the excellent preparation and presentation of the bulls.

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