Fleckviehs News HEARTLAND PP und MERCADO PP* available with sexed semen


Fleckviehs News HEARTLAND PP* & MERCADO PP* available with sexed semen

MERCADO PP and HEARTLAND PP now also available female sexed!

A new top class purebred polled Fleckvieh duo

Within one week in July we were able to secure two purebred hornless and line-alternative bred Fleckvieh bulls that moved into a quarantine box together and are now also neighbours in the production barn. Heartland PP* and Mercado PP* are in the ideal dual purpose type and inspire especially with their excellent udder quality, which secures both a place in the top-5 of the best purebred hornless bulls in udder heredity.


MERCADO Bulle.jpg

MERCADO PP* 10.606649

(Mai PS  x Walch x Skorpion P)

An extraordinary sire line with Mai P*S x Walch x Scorpion Pp* x Witam P*S can be found in the pedigree of MERCADO PP*. Mercado PP* can be used in a wide range of lines and can improve milk yield and conformation in hornless breeding. He lets us expect daughters with a good frame and an excellent foundation. The udders will inspire especially in length, udder floor and the strong central band. Mercado PP* also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of line expression and placement.


Milk Beef Strichausprägung Excellent type


Sire proofs Fleckvieh polled MERCADO PP*...



HEARTLAND Pp* 10.861000

(Heartbeat P*S x Vollgas P*S x Manton)

Heartbeat P*S x Vollgas P*S x Manton is the sire line of the homozygous polled young Fleckvieh bull Heartland PP*. Due to the genomic profile, we can expect creamy daughters with an excellent udder quality. Especially in udder length and udder floor Heartland PP* is convincing. The positive protein inheritance +0,06% as well as the desired A2A2 inheritance in connection with the polled gene make Heartland PP* a sought-after mating bull. The appealing calving pattern also makes a mating to heifers possible. Breeding values Heartland PP*

Udder quality protein +0,06% & A2A2 Outcross Easy calvings


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