SPECTER available with sexed semen

SPECTER 10.866040 - available with sexed semen

(Sehrgut x Walfried x Everest)

A2A2 Milk yield top fitness easy calvings udder health

Simply spectacular are the breeding values of the young Sehrgut-son Specter, who not only shines with excellent fitness traits. Despite a Milk Index of 130 points with almost +1300kg of milk he does not need any Herzschlag blood! With Sehrgut x Walfried x Everest x Rumgo, Specter's pedigree is unique in the Fleckvieh breed and allows a very wide range of use due to the alternate pedigree. His dam Rola inspires after the 2nd calving because of the enormous texture in the udder and the high and firm udder seat at a daily milk yield of 48kgs. Udder seat, willingness to perform and fitness are also the qualities that can be expected from Specter.

If Sehrgut (Very Good) then Specter!


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