Fleckviehs News MERCURY Pp* available with sexed semen


MERCURY Pp* 10.606649 - available with sexed semen

(Mahango Pp x Evergreen x Wohltat)

MERCURY Pp* is the one and only son of Mahango Pp* that was bred and purchased after his results from the progeny test. Thus, a very targeted mating was made with the udder-strong Evergreen-daughter Anni, who produced in her first lactation of 7,164kg milk at 3.67% protein on an extensive pasture farm. Via the bulls Wohltat, Vanstein, Safir and Horb this Fleckvieh cow family goes back to the well-known show farm Eichberger, St. Margarethen. So it is not surprising that Mercury Pp* not only inspires with appealing performance and fitness breeding values, but also lets us expect strong Fleckvieh animals with a strong feet&legs and udder quality.

Dual-Purpose Fitness Teat development Udder health & Milking speed

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