MANOLO Pp available with sexed semen

Manolo Pp - the new N°1 among the progeny tested Fleckvieh sires -available with sexed semen (female)

(Manigo x Wapuls x Ralmesbach PS ) - aAa: 546312

A2A2 very easy calvings top type excellent Fitness Dual-Purpose in perfection – Milk&Beef

In the range of the progeny tested bulls, the heterozygous polled MANOLO Pp* can further underline his position as an exceptional sire of the Fleckvieh breed. He rises again in the TMI by +3 points to 131 points and is now at the top of all daughter proven polled Fleckvieh bulls. 145 daughters have meanwhile completed the first 100 days and convince with their willingness to perform with below average ingredients (+702kg ZW milk). Even if Manolo Pp* passes on a scarcer milking speed, his daughters inspire with an excellent udder health (124) and longevity (124). Since the December sire proofs, 90 more daughters with type evaluation have been included in the breeding values, and give Manolo Pp* further lift in the type traits – 9 points in feet&legs and six points in udder composite. With 120 for frame, 111 for muscling, an amazing 131 for feet&legs and a strong 118 for udder he leaves nothing to be desired. Large-framed, Fleckvieh type cows with flawless, dry feet&legs and highly attached udders of best quality are part of the Manolo Pp* program and enrich every dairy herd. The calving breeding values of Manolo Pp* are already secured by almost 14,000 calves and confirm him with very easy calvings as the perfect choice for heifer inseminations.

The current measured milking speed of Manolo Pp daughters is 2,02kgs/min

Breeding values polled Fleckvieh sire MANOLO Pp...