Fleckvieh News ESPRESSO available with sexed semen


ESPRESSO 10.862830 - available with sexed semen

(Exklusiv x Herzog x Vanstein)

Dual purpose Milk & Beef top Fitness Udder health

Caffeine junkies beware, because the Exklusiv son Espresso is now available with sexed semen. With his TMI of 138 points he is right at the top of the top list and promises productive, dual purpose cows with quality udders. Espresso goes back to the exceptional cow and Vanstein daughter Livana through the extremely willing Herzog daughter Lavazza, who has a lifetime production of over 80,000 kg. Livana's numerous direct offspring are inspiring on the breeding farm with their uniformity, willingness to perform and top conformation.


ESPRESSO promises dual purpose at the highest level. Over 1000 kg of milk with positive protein percentages and an excellent beef value of 120 (FW 120). In combination with consistently positive fitness characteristics (FIT 119). Particularly noteworthy here are fertility, udder health and longevity.

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Fleckvieh News ESPRESSO available with sexed semen