Bull portrait VOLVO P *S 10.190409 progeny tested


Bull portrait Fleckvieh polled: VOLVO P*S

THE line alternative in the Fleckvieh polled segment 

Bull portrait VOLVO P *S 10.190409 progeny tested
Vollblut P x Wal x Romel x Randy 

Today we would like to present you VOLVO P*S, a real line Fleckvieh line alternative among the progeny tested polled Fleckvieh sires. With his top udder breeding value of 121 he is at rank three of the polled daughter proven Fleckvieh bulls in this trait. VOLVO P*S is one of the real winners of the breeding value estimation, because he could gain 4 points since the August 2019 breeding value estimation, contrary to the basic adjustment �.

With the pedigree Vollbut P x Wal x Romel x Randy he is definitely THE alternative bull in the polled Fleckvieh program and is already confirmed by 68 daughters in the test milkings and 34 in type. His sire, Vollblut Pp, was as well a polled outcross pedigree with Rave x Imposium. His daughters impressed with excellent udder quality, especially in length and seat. One of the reasons why this only son of Vollblut was purchased in February 2016 by former managing director Hermann Zuchtriegel in Pfaffenhofen.

COW FAMILY: Volvo P*S himself comes from a long lasting and robust cow family from the farm Frahammer Franz / Puchschlagen. Dam Rival has 7 calves and a lifetime production of almost 63.000kg milk, his granddam Rivanna even convinces with a lifetime production of more than 100.000kg milk. So, it is hardly surprising that also Volvo P*S brings with a lifetime breeding value of 110 points an improvement in this area. With a persistence breeding value of 114 and a performance increase of 112 he brings the precondition for a nomination as ÖZW bull. His ÖZW currently lies with 120 points even 4 points above the total breeding value

VOLVO P *S-Daughters: The large-framed Volvo daughters bring a solid amount of milk with positive protein percentage and good beef performance. High-attached, strong udders (121) with robot-suitable slighty thicker teats are the trademark of the heterozygous polled Vollbut Pp-son VOLVO P*S. Udders that last

You can find more information about the polled line alternative VOLVO P *S from Greifenberg - he is definitely worth a quick look .. just one click --> Fleckvieh polled VOLVO P*S Breeding Values

Bull portrait VOLVO P *S 10.190409 progeny tested