Bull portrait MANOLO Pp


MANOLO Pp* the N°1 progeny tested, polled Fleckvieh sire

Progeny tested, alternate polled pedigree, easy calvings, top type!


Despite a basic adjustment to the December 2020 breeding value estimate of -0.9 points TMI and -1.1 points MW, our popular polled Fleckvieh bull Manolo Pp* rises to TMI 133 (+4), FW 113 (+1) and FIT 122 (+5), while his MW stabilises at 113 points. He thus regains the top position among the polled progeny-tested Fleckvieh bulls, leaving the competition behind by some distance, especially in conformation. But that‘s not all, since this breeding evaluation Manolo Pp* is even number 2 of all available daughter-tested bulls and number 1 according to the organic index (ÖZW 138).

Reason enough to take a closer look at the career of this outstanding Fleckvieh bull.



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Bull portrait fleckvieh polled: MANOLO

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MANOLO Pp* the begin of a sucess story

MANOLO Pp* was born on 16.02.2015 on the farm of Lämmermann Willi in Seukendorf near Nuremberg as the 2nd calf of the naturally polled Wapuls daughter Fanfee P. Without „genomic selection“ the story of Manolo Pp* would actually already be over at this point. Although he inherited the polled gene from his mother as a Manigo-son, the breeding values of Fanfee P would not have been enough to make the bull interesting for an A.I. center at that time.

Since a Wille son by MANOLO Pp*granddam Fanta P had already very well genomics, the naturally polled Manigo calf by Fanfee P was also genotyped. The result is Manolo Pp*, who was raised afterwards by Friedrich Schabert.

The purchase of our dual-purpose Fleckvieh star

MANOLO Pp* was registered for the breeding stock market in Ansbach on 04.02.2016. Already in the run-up it was clear that the naturally polled Manigo son would attract a lot of interest. As usual before a purchase, the cow family of Manolo Pp* was inspected by the BSG sire analyst, Susanne Böhm. Dam Fanfee P was at the end of the 2nd lactation, granddam Fanta P in her 5th lactation. A sister of Fanfee P had also recently calved. With scarce fore udder attachment and average udder floor, the strongly pronounced central ligament and the durability of the udders were noticeable in all cows. The extreme width in the rumps, the dry muscling and the clean, slightly more angulated feet&legs were also convincing. Both Fanfee P and Fanta P had a milkability of almost 3,0kg/min, so the mating with Manigo seemed to be a successful balanced pairing.

But most of all it was Manolo Pp* himself who was finally decisive for the purchase. At just 12 months of age, he was very well developed, with a perfect conformation and fluid movement, the hammer fell at 40,000€ and the new home was the Greifenberg insemination station.



MANOLO_ Pp_Jungbulle.jpg


In Greifenberg, this magnificent bull was named Manolo Pp*with the herdbook number 856830 and completed his quarantine programme. Shortly afterwards, the first professional picture of him was taken, and on 27.06.2016 he started his testing period. The text published on this could still be used as bull text for Manolo Pp* after 4.5 years: Manolo Pp* is the bull the polled breed has been waiting for. With a TMI of 131 points he belongs to the top group of polled bulls, and with sire Manigo he has a progeny-tested top bull, which has a positive effect on the breeding value security. His breeding values reflect the qualities of his cow family in perfection. The direct ancestors of Manolo Pp* are pleasing due to their body development, strong fitness traits, enormously wide rumps, functional udders and top feet&legs.... .“

Except that today Manolo Pp* has a TMI of 133 points, his dam has 6 calvings and a lifetime production of 63,626kg milk in the meantime, his granddam left after the 8th calf and the cow family in general has evolved.




There is probably no Fleckvieh bull at present that leaves such a mark on his female and male offspring, especially in conformation. The uniformity of Manolo Pp*‘s progenies not only inspires Bavarian breeders, we also receive positive feedback and pictures of daughters with strong conformation from all over the world. Also our cover girl, Manolo Pp*-daughter Biene PP* from the Auer farm in Farchant, cannot hide her paternal lineage with her conformation and the excellent feet & legs.

On the male side, 11 sons and 9 grandsons have found their way into insemination so far. We are proud to have the two most complete sons available in Greifenberg with MYSTERIUM Pp* and MONTUR P*S.

In the December 2020 sire proofs, 1,700 daughters secure this brilliant performance with their milk yield results, as well as 359 in conformation.

Already 255 completed lactations confirm the willingness to perform (+779kg ZW milk) and persistency (115) of his daughters. In conformation MANOLO Pp* leaves nothing to be desired, and leaves Fleckvieh cows with excellent feet&legs (134) and strong udders (117). The tendency to the desired longer and thicker strokes and the nice temper, makes him also interesting for use in AMS farms. This, in combination with the outstanding fitness traits, such as udder helath (125, +2) and fertility (104, +4), is decisive for the increase in longevity (120, +3). Manolo Pp* is lthe iving proof that easy calvings and superior type and frame heritability are not always excluding each other.

MANOLO Pp* will have a lasting influence on the polled Fleckvieh breeding programme and is also available with sexed semen. Nevertheless, the scarcer milking speed should be considered in mating. Despite the high demand, there should be no shortage of supply.
Thus, nothing stands in the way of his further triumphal march.

Tab.1: Impressive breeding value development of Manolo Pp* since purchase in February 2016


Purch. Feb 16

Aug 16 Dez 17 Dez 18 Dez 19 Apr 20 Aug 20 Dez 20 Write-off since Aug 16
TMI (Si%) 131 (69) 131 (64) 128 (68) 125 (79) 128 (80) 131 (90) 129 (94) 133 (95) -11,9
Milk index(Si%) 118 (69) 115 (69) 112 (71) 111 (72) 112 (84) 111 (97) 113 (99) 113 (99) -8,8
Index-Milk kg 864 931 882 832 836 702 749 779 -388
Beef index
109 106 116 114 112 113 112 113 -1,3
N° of dtrs in milk         73 515 1.114 1.693  
Longevity 123 120 119 119 121 124 117 120 -5,3
Persistency 104 105 103 101 95 107 115 115 -2,3
Udder health
109 112 114 115 126 124 123 125 -2,2
Milking speed
103 103 100 98 87 87 85 85 -3,4
Frame 112 113 113 115 118 120 119 116 -0,6
Muscling 116 115 115 115 111 111 112 109 2,4
Feet & Legs
117 117 119 120 122 131 132 134 -2,5
Udder Composite
110 108 109 109 112 118 117 117 -5,5
N° of dtrs in type         40 129 238 359  
MANOLO Fleckvieh Polled BSG Inside Fleckvieh bull