BSG Inside - August 2023


Besamungsstation Inside - August 2023

We are pleased to present you the summer issue  of the BSG magazine "BSGInside" for the August breeding value estimation 08/2023.

Topics of this August BSGInside issue are:

- BSG Fleckvieh - Greifenberger young sires - successfully confirmed breeding values.
- Holstein Update August 2023 - breeding value supplementation by RZÖko
- BSG Brown Swiss - line diversity in the Brown Swiss polled breeding programme
- TOP beef breed genetics from Greifenberg - Beef on Dairy and pure breeding
- The outlook

The offer lists as well as the quick selection list with the top bulls of the breeds Braunvieh, Fleckvieh and Holstein can be removed from the middle. You can find more bulls on our website at

We now hope you enjoy discovering our magazine BSGInside. Of course we look forward to your feedback and are just as grateful for suggestions and comments as we are for praise or criticism.

Your BSG Team


BSG Inside - August 2023

BSG Inside - August 2023