BSG Inside - August 2022


Young Breeders Night Show


Last Saturday the Weilheim young breeders finally opened the gates of the Hochlandhalle in Weilheim for their traditional show for the 10th time.

The interest of the young breeders and the enthusiasm for cattle breeding is unbroken in our area, and so over 100 show cows were registered. In the afternoon, the big event started with the bambini and young cattle demonstration competition. Here, 58 pairs started with full verve and enthusiasm. The judges were none other than the reigning Bavarian milk queen Veronika Gschoßmann. The evening event was opened by the chairperson of the Weilheim young breeders Anna Hindelang at 19:30.

80 cows of the breeds Brown Swiss, Fleckvieh, Holstein and even a Jersey cow started. The judge for the Braunvieh and Holstein breeds and for the demonstration performance was none other than the experienced Stefan Klocker. For the Simmental cattle the Styrian expert Ferdinand Haas could be won.

The excellent cow quality was intensively examined by both judges and the decisions were excellently justified, always accompanied by the audience in the packed Hochlandhalle, which accompanied the events in a top atmosphere. Congratulations to all winners and participants.

There was also a party afterwards, where the professional exchange and the social part were not neglected. We congratulate all young breeders for the excellent presentation of cattle breeding and thank them for the outstanding event.

Your BSG team