Brown Swiss VORTEIL sexed


VORTEIL available with sexed semen

VORTEIL_AT168.037.469 mit Logo.jpg

VORTEIL 10.608856 - NEW available with sexed semen

(Vorsprung x Huvi x Harley) - A2A2/BB

With VORTEIL one of the first Vorsprung-sons (Vassli x Huxoy) is already starting his career.

The breeding pattern shows a correct conformation in combination with high performances and top fitness. With an ideal teat expression, the rear teats are placed a little bit wider and set. These hereditary traits make Vorteil an interesting mating partner, especially for farms with an robotic milking system. Also in the fitness traits service life (111), persistence (119), milkability (117) and calving process (108) the Brown Swiss young bull Vorteil convinces.

Breeding values Brown Swiss bull VORTEIL...