Brown Swiss VASSIDO sexed


VASSIDO available with sexed semen

VASSIDO 10.346165 - again available with sexed semen

(Vassli x Juleng x Joel) - A2A2 - aAa: 423651

The young Brown Swiss bull VASSIDO unifies Vassli x Juleng x Joel in his pedigree. His dam Lana impresses with a strong milk performance and enormously high protein of over 4.06%. Strong rumps and the flawless feet&legs are also among the positive benefits of Lana. Granddam Laura can as well convince by her willingness to perform with high components and her strong conformation.

Vassido also promises positive components and a quick milking speed. Vassido is the ideal choice to improve the stature, rump expression and udder quality. In addition, no short and thin teats are expected from his daughters. VASSIDO can be described as enormously balanced young bull with appealing conformation and fitness values. He unifies good milking speed and udder health!

Breeding Values Brown Swiss young sire ⇒ VASSIDO...