DESIGN PP* available with sexed semen


DESIGN PP * 10.346435 - NEW available with sexed semen

(David Pp x Visor PS x Hegall)

Homozygous polled Components Fitness Rumps

Design PP* is a young, homozygous polled David-son already out of a Visor daughter. His dam Visor P*S Erna completed her first lactation with impressive contents of 5.64% fat and 3.67% protein. The young Brown Swiss bull Design PP* is characterised by an appealing milk yield and positive ingredients of +0.12%fat and +0.01% Protein. Also in the fitness traits this homozygous polled Brown Swiss bull leaves hardly anything to be desired. In the group of homozygous polled Brown Swiss bulls Design PP* leads the list and also convinces with his strong conformation especially in the feet&legs and udder composite.

Breeding values Brown Swiss top sire DESIGN PP....


Brown Swiss DESIGN PP* available with sexed semen