Brown Swiss BERNADO available with sexed semen


BERNADO available with sexed semen

BERNADO 10.346495- NEW available with sexed semen

(Bloomlord x Dane x Huray)

Feet&Legs Udder composite Body Persistency

The young Bloomlord-son Bernado promises a strong conformation. Bernado was bred out of the Dane-daughter Gini, who especially stands out due to her good conformation and with the glandular udder that is ready for performance. In an average of 3 lactations, this high-yielding Brown Swiss cow thrills with 11,468kg milk at just under +900kg fat/protein. In the milk quantity heredity he scores +1165kg milk.

Offspring with a long and broad body and correctly positioned rumps can also be expected from the young Brown Swiss bull Bernado. Impeccable feet&legs and an excellent udder quality round off Bernado's type-oriented breeding pattern.

Sexed semen availabe

Breeder: Hofer GbR, Leinaz

Breeding values Brown Swiss top sire BERNADO


Brown Swiss BERNADO available with sexed semen