AMARULA available with sexed semen


AMARULA 10.356925 - NEW available with sexed semen

(Amorie x Cadence x Huray Bora)

aAa: 156324 I BB I A2A2

Components Longevity Daughter Fertility Rear udder width

Several 100,000 kg lifetime performance cows can be found in the pedigree of the young Brown Swiss sire AMARULA. Amarula descends from the combination with Huray, Vasir, Cadence and Amorie. Even at his young age he pleases with his strong body development and correct feet&legs. He is also one of the few Amorie offspring that can convince with positive ingredients. His genomic profile leads to the expectation of offspring with strong fitness and advantages in pelvic and rear udder width.

Breeding values Brown Swiss top sire AMARULA ....


Brown Swiss AMARULA available with sexed semen