ARTUS - Aberdeen Angus with semen available

ARTUS 10.204726 - Aberdeen Angus

We are pleased to offer you with ARTUS a top Aberdeen Angus sire

ARTUS is an interesting black Aberdeen Angus with red factor from the well-known breeding farm Steffen Stickel. Besides his correct appearance the bull also scores with an interesting pedigree (Ascot vom Mittenhof x Cowboy)! Typical for the breed are all Aberdeen Angus sires naturally polled.

Von Schottland in die Welt und jetzt nach Greifenberg – Aberdeen Angus ARTUS ab jetzt verfügbar!

ORIGIN of the breed

The breed Aberdeen Angus has its origin in the north-east of Scotland in the counties of Aberdeen and Angus. In former times these were smaller naturally hornless cattle, possibly brought to the island by the immigration of the Celts. They cope very well with the rough and barren nature in the north of Scotland and even now they still score worldwide with their excellent adaptability.

QUALITIES Aberdeen Angus

Aberdeen Angus is bred in black and red. The homozygous polled animals show a lot a frame, with fine bones, top growth rates and they are early mature.

Apart from their good-natured and sociable character, their distinct ease of calving should be emphasized, which usually does not require too much time during the calving period. The excellent mothering qualities and small, vital calves round off the profile.


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