Aberdeen Angus - sexed semen female


Aberdeen Angus - sexed semen female


Our two new Aberdeen Angus bulls DM Larry and DM Diamond - available with sexed semen female!!

DM Larry and DM Diamond we now offer for the first time also female sexed due to high demand!

Aberdeen Angus are polled by nature. The animals are very rumpy, fine-boned, vigorous and precocious. Besides the good-natured and sociable character, the distinctive light calving ability is also worth mentioning.



DM LARRY 10.204832 - Angus/AA black

(DM Lance S366 x United F866)

Gestation period Daily net gains Marbling female sexed

Donaumoos Lance S366 son LARRY combines the excellent gain from the Belvin Lady Blossom cowline with the meat quality and marbling inheritance from the icon for meat quality in Angus breeding DHD Traveler and the ancestors SAV Tens Speed and AAR Ten X on his father's side. In addition, the marbling comes from the Te Mania Mittagong cow line. With SAV Heritage for good weight gain and easy calving and GDAR Rainmaker he also has two superstars of the Angus breed in his pedigree. He inherited his calm, friendly character from Te Mania Ulong, who also passes on the best dam traits to his offspring.

Breeder: Bernhard Delle, Donausmoos Angus

Born: 10.03.2020  I   DNA-No.: 2030002586   I  DL status: mhf


DM DIAMOND 10.204831 - Angus/AA schwarz

(DM Gigang S838 x DM Luke H452)

Daily nrt gains Fertility Marbling female sexed semen available

Our Donaumoos Gigang S383 son DIAMOND inherits best meat quality and marbling from Ardrossan Admiral A2 and the Te Mania cow lines Mittagong and Lowan. Sav Heritage provides best weight gain. With HF Tiger 5T and DMM Miss Essence in his pedigree he also has the best prerequisites for show success. With ALN Gracia and Skaill Diana he has two very well known and fertile cow lines in his pedigree to pass on best mother traits to his offspring.

Breeder: Bernhard Delle, Donausmoos Angus

Birth: 17.07.2020 I DNA-Nr.: 2030007586 I DL-Status: mhf