ARTUS Aberdeen Angus

ARTUS - Aberdeen Angus with semen available

ARTUS 10.204726 - Aberdeen Angus We are pleased to offer you with ARTUS a top Aberdeen Angus sire ARTUS is an interesting black Aberdeen Angus with red factor from the well-known breeding farm Stef...


MANOLO Pp available with sexed semen

Manolo Pp - the new N°1 among the progeny tested Fleckvieh sires -available with sexed semen (female) (Manigo x Wapuls x Ralmesbach PS ) - aAa: 546312 A2A2 ♦ very easy calvings ♦ top type ♦ excelle...


WETTINER available with sexed semen

WETTINER 10.866020 - available with sexed semen (Waban x Raldi x Hutera) - aAa: 546312 Out of the combination Waban x Raldi x Hutera x Waldbrand x Ilion comes Wettiner, who holds with TMI 136 and Mil...


Bull portrait Fleckvieh polled: VOLVO P*S

Bull portrait VOLVO P *S 10.190409 progeny testedVollblut P x Wal x Romel x Randy Today we would like to present you VOLVO P*S, a real line Fleckvieh line alternative among the progeny tested polled F...

HORNLOSKATALOG 2020_druck2.jpg

BSG Polled Genetics catalogue

We are pleased to present you the annual BSG POLLED GENETICS CATALOG 2020/2021 of the insemination station Greifenberg. With currently 15 different cattle breeds at the station, we offer you quality &...

AMOR Sonja

AMOR available with sexed semen

AMOR 10.356730 - available with sexed semen (Anibal x Huray x Dynamit) - A2A2 - aAa: 342156 Already in August 2019 Amor started his career as a daughter tested Brown Swiss bull. Meanwhile, 118 daug...

May we introduce... The new BSG website!

    More informative, modern and of course "responsive". The relaunch of took a little longer - but as the saying goes "What lasts long will finally be good". We are pleased...


Important Information Corona Virus

  Full house in Greifenberg Today we could welcome the Herrschinger basic course at our insemination station. Here you will have the opportunity to get a deeper insight into the topic of cattle bree...

VERNANDO - Kathmandu 1. lac. - Champion young

BSG genetics successful in Wertingen

Yesterday the show year already started with a highlight of the young breeders Night-Show in Wertingen. Many ambitious young breeders, an excellent cow quality and an impressive atmosphere with great...

Herrschinger Grundkurs 2020.jpg

Herrschinger course visits BSG Greifenberg

  Full house in Greifenberg Today we could welcome the Herrschinger basic course at our insemination station. Here you will have the opportunity to get a deeper insight into the topic of cattle bree...

Fleckvieh Mercedes Pp*

Mercedes Pp* available with sexed semen

MERCEDES Pp* 10.854395 - available with sexed semen (female) (Minor x Vollgas P*S x Mungo Pp) - A2A2 The young Fleckvieh sire - Minor son MERCEDES Pp* goes back to the cow family of the well-known I...

aAa Analysten bei der Arbeit

aAa Weeks Results February 2020

Last week the experts of aAa® Animal Analysis coded more bulls in Greifenberg aAa! H Here you can see the results for Fleckvieh / Brown Swiss and Holstein at the insemination station Greifenberg... ...

HARLEY Braunviehbulle

HARLEY Time to say goodbye

At the end of the year, Brown Swiss old stars HARLEY had to leave us HARLEY comes from an embryo transfer from President-daughter Bärbl with the exception Brown Swiss bull Huray, and was born in Marc...


BSG - brief review 2019

BSG Greifenberg 2019 - Time to look back At the end of the year it is always time to look back on what was, because that was a lot this year. Interesting projects, great events, unexpected visitors, ...


VASSIDO available with sexed semen

VASSIDO 10.346165 - available with sexed semen (Vassli x Juleng x Joel) - A2A2 - aAa: 423651 The young Brown Swiss bull VASSIDO unifies Vassli x Juleng x Joel in his pedigree. His dam Lana impresse...

Brown Swiss PIANO

Brown Swiss Piano available with sexed semen

PIANO 10.346165 - available with sexed semen (female) (Piero x Verdi x Payssli) - A2A2 - BB - aAa: 651423 The powerful young Brown Swiss sire PIANO combines Piero with Verdi, Payssli and Vasir. Verd...

Brown Swiss Bulle AMOR

Sire Proofs Brown Swiss December 2019

At the last breeding value estimation in 2019, the system was recalibrated with the existing type values of the old bulls and depreciation was carried out. The largest changes were in the GZW with -0....

Sire Proofs
Brown Swiss Bundesjungzüchterschau

BSG presents two Brown Swiss progeny groups

Premiere - the first polled Brown Swiss progeny group We were able to present two strong Brown Swiss progeny groups at the Brown Swiss National Young Breeders Show 2019 in Buchloe. Among them was the...

Brown Swiss Logo

Braunvieh becomes Brown Swiss

After an intensive work with all National Associations to redesign the breed positioning, theEuropean Brown Swiss Federation is proud to unveil the new Brown Swiss communicationthrough this new logo. ...

Murnau-Werdenfelser Abend

"World Congress" of the Murnau-Werdenfelser Cattle

Murnau Werdenfelser - robust.durable.special At the beginning of July 2020 more than 250 breeders and supporters of the breed Murnau-Werdenfelser came to the insemination station Greifenberg for the ...

BSG am Landtag Mit Ministerin Kaniber

BSG at the Bavarian State Parliament

The Murnau-Werdenfels project was very strongly supported by the Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft (LFL). The annual report of the LFL is traditionally presented at the beginning of July in the Bavari...