BSGInside - Fleckvieh August 2021


The second edition of the BSGInside webinars of the Geifenberg insemination station on the breeding value estimation BSGInside Brown Swiss and Fleckvieh has been a success - at this point we would like to thank you very much for your active interest and participation.

We are pleased that so many people took the time to participate in the two webinars BSGInside Brown Swiss and BSGInside Fleckvieh. I hope we were able to answer all your questions live and in chat and gave you a little insight into the excellent quality of the genetics of BSG and our partners, as well as our station!

Unfortunately we are not always able to present all bulls, but here you are welcome to have a look at our website: or just ask us if you have a specific wish or special requirements.

On our website you can browse, sort and find more information about cow families and bulls.

We hope to see you again soon here in Greifenberg at the insemination station!

Your BSG team