AI Center Greifenberg

AI Center Greifenberg

The insemination station Greifenberg (founded in 1948) is one of the oldest still in service and at the same time most innovative stations in Bavaria. Besides a wide range of genetics of the breeds Brown Swiss, Fleckvieh, Holstein as well as beef and special breeds such as Murnau-Werdenfelser and Pinzgauer, the insemination station Greifenberg also offers a variety of services.


Anchored in tradition, with a glance into the future!

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Our Historie

The insemination station was founded in March 1948. At that time the founders chose the legal form of a special purpose association, as the owners of the station were the Landsberg district and the communities of the district.

The Zweckverband II for artificial insemination of domestic animals Greifenberg was founded in 1965. Supporters of this special purpose association are the communities of the Landsberg county, the county of Landsberg, the special purpose association Mindelheim, the Free State of Bavaria and the breeding associations Weilheim and Kaufbeuren.

The participating organizations send association councils to the association meeting, which consists of 48 association councils. From the association meeting, the association chairman and his deputy are elected. The Association Committee consists of the two Chairmen and a further 8 Association Councils, who are delegated to the Committee. The Association Committee is the working body that determines the fate of the station.



Chairman: Welzmiller Leonhard
Head of BSG: Goßner Helmut
BSG veterinarian: Dr. Gropper Markus
Member farms: ca. 5.000


BSG Greifenberg - Locations


The stables have a total capacity of up to 400 bulls. The Zweckverband maintains two completely separate station facilities.

  • Location Greifenberg, with administration, semen collection, laboratory, semen storage and production stable for 100 bulls
  • Location Hechenwang - our waiting barn with in group boxes and pedal manure housing for approx. 300 bulls at the station in Hechenwang.