Sire Proofs Fleckvieh 12/2022

BSG Fleckvieh progeny tested


BSG Fleckvieh: Wide selection, great variety of pedigrees

The December 2022 breeding value estimation sets the course for a promising Simmental cattle year 2023. No less than 22 genomic young bulls and 11 progeny-tested sires make it onto the recommendation list.

15 of these bulls are genetically polled, six Fleckviehbulls are even homozygous hornless (PP*). This diversity in the range of bulls makes a wide spread use possible, as we have been recommending since the beginning of genomic selection. The changes in the calculation of the meat value in this breeding value estimation, and the associated, partly larger shifts in the top lists, underpin this procedure once more. The meat breeding value estimate now focuses primarily on data from the slaughterhouses. In addition, a clear data cut was implemented in order to be able to work primarily with current data, from which especially the young bulls benefit.

With more than 300 calved daughters, MAYBACH PP* now confirms the trust placed in him. Especially with regard to milk quantity and feet&legs he could improve again with the other daughters. So he remains the most complete, progeny-tested homozygous polled sire in the Fleckvieh breed. The excellent calf quality is already known since the young sires and manifests itself in a beef score of 121 points. The small-volume udders of the Maybach PP*-daughters are high and tightly hung, with somewhat further out placed but correctly positioned strokes.

With only a few daughters Hugoboss son Hugomint already attracted attention at the August 2022 Fleckvieh breeding value estimation. Due to the increase in data in the meantime, he can now increase his breeding values again. He now stands at GZW 130 (+3), Beef Index 107 (+5) and Fitness 122, whereby only the calvings are in the negative range and should be considered. With the combination Hugoboss x Mint x Rureif x Gebalot there is a lot of longevity and fitness in Hugomint's pedigree. His medium-framed, fine daughters prove this every day on the farms by their uncomplicated handling. Furthermore, the Fleckvieh bull Hugomint scores with best udder health (122) and quick milking speed (115). ♦ Sire proofs Hugomint

Also the best daughter-tested Varta-son Varwest benefits from the performance will (+1057kg ZW-milk) as well as the dual purpose suitability (FW 114, +4) of his offspring. With GZW 128 (+2) and especially MW 124 (+1) he is one of the top daughter-tested bulls. With his exceptional bloodlines (Varta x Wildwest x History) he is well applicable in the current Fleckvieh population. The functional conformation and the balanced fitness values with the flat lactation curve (Pers 115) complete Varwest's breeding pattern. ♦ Sire proofs Hugomint




BSG Fleckvieh: Proven and popular with stable breeding values

Minor once again confirms his exceptional position among the Mint-sons. With more than 500 calved daughters he now has a GZW of 132 (+2) and a fitness of 128. His medium-framed, fundamental daughters inspire with udder health (132), fertility (118) and a long service life (116). With average milk quantity inheritance his focus is on protein (+0,12%). The small-volume, firmly attached udders show a somewhat stronger line formation with correct position and placement.

Consistency has a name, because everybodys Darling Manolo Pp* confirms his exceptional position in hornless breeding with 4.000 calved daughters and already 10 daughter-tested sons. His offspring convince nationally and internationally in production and in the show ring with their flawless conformation, willingness to perform, fitness and beef performance. If you don't have any Manolo Pp*-daughters yet, you should definitely get some female semen of this bull of the century.

Also the 600 calved Maybach PP*-daughters show the picture of Fleckvieh dual purpose in perfection. GZW 123, +602kg ZW-milk, and FW 121 are the key figures of this already purebred hornless exceptional bull, who is also in great demand internationally.

More daughters?? Manolo Pp* and Maybach PP* are available with female sexed semen!



The daughter-tested Elsando (Etoscha x Reumut) , Energie (Everlast x Manigo) and Elstar (Etoscha x Williams) confirm their qualities as dual-purpose bulls of the Fleckvieh breed at this valuation. Elsando out of the Wattking cow family brings besides his impeccable conformation with very good udders also the basis for high service life (119). Namely high udder health (124) and high daughter fertility (119). From the combination Everlast x Manigo x Display comes Energie, which can also shine with positive fat % (+0.04) and high performance disposition. Although Elstar brings a lot of body, it is recommended for use on heifers, just like Energie.

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in the BSG December 2020 offer:

BSG genomic Fleckvieh - variety

Great variety, wide dispersal

Wonderboy x Worldcup x Remmel x MG is the exceptional pedigree of Win Again, who represents an interesting blood alternative to the mainstream of the top lists. His genomic figures are also exceptional with GZW 149, MW 138, FW 114 and +1753kg ZW milk. Medium-framed, functional but above all performance-ready cows can be expected from him.

Newcomer and Meter Pp*-son Marmaris, who will be available in January, can also be expected to produce high-yielding dual-purpose cows. With TMI 143, Milk index 127, Fit 122 and Beef 115 he shows a very balanced genomic profile with the tight, long udder formation as highlight.

Productive top udders (123) can also be expected from Spartacus-son Skyline, who with TMI 140, Fit 124 and FW 110 can also join the top ranks.

A strong, deep cow family is behind the breeding values of Zeiger-son Zelda, who can also be found in the international top list despite an alternative pedigree with GZW 145, Milk Index 130, Fit 124 and Beef 116 with positive components. Best udder health (12), a high longevity and the suitability for robotic milking system round off the breeding pattern of Fleckvieh bull Zelda, who is also available as a female sire.


Homozygous polled Fleckvieh top bulls

When using homozygous polled Fleckvieh bulls, the focus should not be on the fact that the calf does not have to be dehorned, but on the cow, which later on in the farm should realise an uncomplicated and productive long service life. Therefore, the bulls should be used with moderation and purpose. Breeding top polled bulls and cows is not a sprint but a marathon over many generations.

Enormously productive (+1398kg ZW-milk) cows can be expected from Waalkes Pp*-son Weltcup PP*, who also brings some alternative blood with the bulls Hurly and Everest on the dam's side. Makani PP* (Mercedes Pp* x Votary P*S) is the conformation and content specialist among the purebred hornless bulls, who is also available as a sired female.

Wingert PP* (Wakongo Pp* x Vollgas P*S) has an alternate pedigree and convinces with a lot of fitness and robot-suitable udders. The type strong Mercado PP* and the easy calving Heartland PP* complete the offer.


Heterozygous polled Fleckvieh sires

Creamy, harmonious and with a lot of width and strength, that's how you can imagine the daughters of the Mercedes Pp*-son Martial Pp*, who should also move on functional foundations and shine with their long, tight udders with optimal line formation. With TMI 137, Milk index 127, Fit 116 and Beef 112 Marital Pp* is the most complete Mercedes Pp*-son of the top list who can score with high performance inheritance and positive components. ♦ Sire proofs Martial P ♦

Fresh blood for hornless breeding is Venido Pp*, who with GZW 136, MW 125, Fit 117 and FW 110 is not only expected to produce dual-purpose Fleckvieh cows, but via his sire Virginia is also the Villeroy grandson with the highest breeding value. In conformation, functionality is in the foreground, with the robot-suitable line training as a highlight. ♦ Sire proofs Venido Pp


So make use of the large selection of top Fleckvieh bulls at the Greifenberg insemination station and spread out your use of bulls, because you can build sturdily on a broad foundation!

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