Sire Proofs Fleckvieh 12/2021

BSG Fleckvieh progeny tested

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Already the third breeding value estimation after the change to the new, significantly safer single-step system took place on December 7th. By increasing the reliability of the estimated breeding values, major changes should be minimized.

The old and new N°1 of the Mint sons - Fitness giant MINOR

The alternatively bred BSG fitness sire MINOR (Mint x Passion) remains with 10 points distance by far the N°1 of all Mint sons. Minor brings a solid milk yield with A2A2/BB paired with excellent fitness breeding values. The udder health (130), the daughter fertility (116) and the longevity (118) are to be emphasised. The easy calving and the top feet&legsin combination with a very good udder with longer teats complete his profile. Also in conformation he improves with further daughters in muscling and udder. Only the somewhat below average milkability should be considered when mating.

MANOLO Pp* the favourite of Fleckvieh polled

MANOLO Pp is nationally and internationally popular as the best progeny tested polled Fleckvieh sire. He can further underpin his position as an exceptional polled sire of the Fleckvieh breed. With now 650 classified daughters he continues to set standards in conformation with the combination frame (117) muscling (112) feet&legs (136) and udder (112). The uncomplicated Manolo Pp daughters are convincing in daily handling on the farms. Also in the fitness traits his highlights are in the areas of longevity (121), udder health (120) as well as the very easy calvings (115) and the vital calves. Solely milking speed has to be considered Sire proofs of Fleckvieh ⇒ MANOLO Pp...

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Fleckvieh Newcomer HERZTON

HERZTON (Herzschlag x Manton) comes from the well-known B-cow family of Dieter Bürger and starts with almost +1200kg milk with top 100-day performances. The Herzton daughters show a lot of depth and are pleasing with long udders which are held by a firm central ligament with optimal teat development. Herzton also inherits quick milkability (114) in combination with healthy udders (110). The good calving ease (109) also makes him interesting for heifer matings.  ⇒Sire Proofs Fleckvieh HERZTON


High absolute performances by Hermelin and Wertheim

HERMELIN (Herzschlag x Rave x Winnipeg Regatta) can further secure his milk quantity (+856kg milk at +0,11%fat) with the strong performance of his daughters. The breeding pattern also promises an appealing beef index and finds its highlight in the excellent udder quality (124). This is not a coincidence, because in Hermelin's pedigree we find a high performance Fleckvieh cow family that is well known in breeding as well as in performance and show. In addition, they also inspire with their longevity in connection with high life performances.

WERTHEIM (Wertvoll x Watt x Reumut) also produces cows that are very willing to perform. The first 27 scored daughters please with their physical appearance. The calibre daughters have tightly atttached udders with teh desired longer teats. Also in the fitness traits milkability (113) and udder health (116) Wertheim brings clear improvements.

The ideal Fleckvieh dual-purpose type is inherited from one of the few representatives of the rare Dior line DARWIN. The combination of good milk, high beef value (118), strong muscling (113) and excellent udder quality (120) allows a wide use of Darwin.


BSG Fleckvieh: Proven and popular

Dual-purpose specialist HOOD also convinces with stable breeding values and is developing into the most complete of all Hutera sons. He is the embodiment of dual-purpose (FW 122, ZW milk +661kg) and inspires with excellent calf quality and daughters with strong type, which more than satisfy their owners.

MAHONI Pp* is always one of the Mahango sons with the strongest udders. This exceptional position underlines Mahoni Pp* until today. Strong body parts and excellent muscling often make the daughters stand out in the stables. The udders are convincing with their suspension and the ideally pronounced teats that are almost ideally placed.

The line-alternative newcomers of the December 2020 sire proof run IMERO and WOB also show a positive development and convince in terms of willingness to perform, conformation and fitness, but as well very good beef performances.

With a udder breeding value of 138, Manigo's son MAGIER remains the best udder specialist bull in the Fleckvieh population. The beautiful udders of the Magier daughters are not only beautiful, but also healthy, which is shown by the udder health value of 126 points.




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in the BSG December 2020 offer:

BSG genomic Fleckvieh - variety

Homozygous polled Fleckvieh bulls

Heartbeat P*S x Vollgas P*S x Manton is the sire line of the homozygous polled young Fleckvieh bull Heartland PP*. Due to the genomic profile, we can expect creamy daughters with an excellent udder quality. Especially in udder length and udder floor Heartland PP* is convincing. The positive protein inheritance +0,06% as well as the desired A2A2 inheritance in connection with the polled gene make Heartland PP* a sought-after mating bull. The appealing calving pattern also makes a mating to heifers possible. Breeding values Heartland PP*

An extraordinary sire line with Mai P*S x Walch x Scorpion Pp* x Witam P*S can be found in the pedigree of MERCADO PP*. Mercado PP* can be used in a wide range of lines and can improve milk yield and conformation in hornless breeding. He lets us expect daughters with a good frame and an excellent foundation. The udders will inspire especially in length, udder floor and the strong central band. Mercado PP* also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of line expression and placement. Breeding values MERCADO PP*

Both bulls embody the ideal dual purpose type with top beef values and their type! Heartland PP and Mercado PP will soon be available with sexed semen.

VOTANGO PP* (Votary P*S x Mahango Pp*) completes the high quality range of purebred polled bulls. The heifer bull (Cpat114) confirmed his values and can further convince with appealing milk quantity and functional conformation.

Heterozygous polled Fleckvieh young sires

The Mahango Pp* son MERCURY Pp* could confirm his top position in the Mahango Pp* sibling group. He brings the desired combination with appealing milk yield, high beef values, high fitness values and a solid, AMS-suitable conformation. His breeding pattern corresponds excellently to the desired dual-purpose type.

The Waban son WIND Pp* is one of the best polled sires in terms of milk performance (+1,326 kg milk) and pleases with his strong fitness traits such as longevity (118), persistency (114), udder health (116) and the additional easy calvings (110).


EDELPILZ P*S can be described as a true highlight of polled Fleckvieh breeding programme, supported by an well-known and high performing cow family. With positive protein percentage (+0.09%) he can convince with an appealing milk yield as well as high fitness values. His stable daughters move forward on excellent foundations. Also in udder heredity Edelpilz P*S leaves hardly anything to be desired. With the combination Edelstein x Mueritz P*S he is also very broadly applicable. ⇒To the breeding values of EDELPILZ P*S

MACEO Pp* is the first available hornless Manaus son out of Mahango Pp*. His performance inheritance is optimally secured by the cow family in the breeding farm of Maceo Pp*. Through this clever mating Maceo Pp* combines a high beef value with best fitness and conformation traits. Correct feet&legs and good udders with slightly longer, stronger teats are the basis for the high longevity (111) of his well-muscled (117) daughters.

ESPRESSO is the highest offspring of the progeny tested Fleckvieh sire Exklusiv. Espresso promises high performinf, dual-purpose Fleckvieh cows with quality udders. In the fitness traits Espresso scores with best udder health and longevity. Espresso is also available with sexed semen!

Out of the combination Manaus x Haribo x Versetto x Wille comes the very complete young bull MANJANA. He convinces already at a young age with his correct conformation as well as with his strong development. Manjana's advantages include a high performance disposition in combination with best fitness traits. Manjana is also expected to produce offspring with excellent feet&legs. In addition, his genomic profile also promises excellent udder quality. Breeding values MANJANA

Udder quality of the extra class (udder 137) promises the young Mercedes-son MERTEN. On the dam's side we find with Wikinger, Raldi and Hutera further top-class Fleckvieh bulls. His dam shows an enormous willingness to perform and can already convince with a 200 day performance of 6,447 kg milk with 4.09% fat and outstanding 3.89% protein. High protein levels are deeply anchored in this cow family and Merten also shows a clear improvement (+0.11% protein). High attached, tight udders with ideal central ligaments as well as his excellent fitness values (FIT 130) complete his outstanding breeding pattern. Breeding values type specialist MERTEN


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