Sire Proofs Fleckvieh 08/2022

BSG Fleckvieh progeny tested

The Fleckvieh August sire proof run  is characterised by the constancy of the proven Fleckvieh old stars, whereby the basic adjustment of -0.7 TMI points and -0.6 Milk Index points hardly has an effect. But also some new names enrich the BSG Fleckvieh top list.

With more than 300 calved daughters, MAYBACH PP* now confirms the trust placed in him. Especially with regard to milk quantity and feet&legs he could improve again with the other daughters. So he remains the most complete, progeny-tested homozygous polled sire in the Fleckvieh breed. The excellent calf quality is already known since the young sires and manifests itself in a beef score of 121 points. The small-volume udders of the Maybach PP*-daughters are high and tightly hung, with somewhat further out placed but correctly positioned strokes.

The development of the Etosha son and Wattking half-brother ELSANDO is also pleasing, who can underpin his strong fitness (123) and conformation results with the increase in daughters. Elsando lets expect a lot of milk (+870kg) with scarcers contents. The slightly shorter, tightly attahced udders of the Elsando daughters show an optimal teat development which should make him interesting for robot farms. A long service life (119), high udder health (122) and the great fertility (117) of his daughters round off the overall package. ⇒ Sire Proofs ELSANDO

Villeroy's son VIADUKT is developing into a solid all-rounder, and the beef side is not neglected either.



MANOLO Pp* the favourite of Fleckvieh polled

MANOLO PpThe more than 700 evaluated daughters of MANOLO Pp* are well on their feet and underline once more the exceptional position he holds in Simmental breeding. With a foundation score of 134 points and a hock score of 126 points he sets standards. He ranks second among all daughter-tested bulls, right behind his father Manigo.. With now 700 classified daughters he continues to set standards in conformation with the combination frame (116) muscling (111) feet&legs (136) and udder (112). The uncomplicated Manolo Pp daughters are convincing in daily handling on the farms. Also in the fitness traits his highlights are in the areas of longevity (123), udder health (119) as well as the very easy calvings (114) and the vital calves. Solely milking speed has to be considered Sire proofs of Fleckvieh ⇒ MANOLO Pp... 

When looking at his sons, some of whom have already been tested as daughters, the outstanding foundation inheritance also catches the eye

WINTERTRAUM, one of the young Fleckvieh sires with the best feet&legs, shows that the cold season is also very popular in summer. This is not by chance, because his sire WOIWODE now confirms his exceptional exterior inheritance with more than 300 evaluated daughters. With scarce ingredients he lets expect a lot of milk quantity (+831kg) and excellent fitness traits (128). Especially the combination of milkability (112), udder health (117) and fertility (119) makes this daughter tested bull interesting. The foundations of the Woiwode-daughters are optimally angulated and very cleanly pronounced. Wintertraum also has a good chance to follow in his sire's footsteps, his suitability for heifer inseminations is already confirmed.


Two new all-rounders on the BSG Fleckvieh list

The performance-oriented (+1057kg) VARWEST is a newcomer. The Fleckvieh bull bred from the combination Varta x Wildwest x History also inspires with a very pronounced meat component (FW 112), which earns him the predicate dual-purpose bull. The medium-framed Varwest-daughters are well muscled and move on a stable foundation. Somewhat finer, correctly placed and set strokes as well as a flat lactation curve (114) round off Varwest's hereditary profile.

Out of the combination Everlast x Manigo x Display comes ENERGIE, who with a high performance disposition (+904kg) can also shine with positive fat % (+0,03). His medium-framed, wide-set daughters move on somewhat steeper foundations. The long udders show correctly developed lines with good placement. Energy is suitable for cattle insemination.

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in the BSG December 2020 offer:

BSG genomic Fleckvieh - variety

Two new homozygous polled Fleckvieh top bulls

Also newly listed is the purebred hornless Mercedes Pp*-son MAKANI PP*, who can inspire with GZW 130 as well as MW 128 with positive ingredients. Besides udder health (118), service life (115) and calving ease (116) his strengths are also in conformation. Slightly more angulated foundations with dry expression as well as high and tight udders are part of his heredity.

Another newcomer is WINGERT PP*, who is an alternative for hornless breeding with the combination Wakongo Pp*x Vollgas P*S x Wild Growth x Bosbo. With his genomic profile he leaves hardly anything to be desired. High performance (+800kg) with positive protein (+0,04) and the quick milkability (116) make him interesting for mating to Manolo Pp*-daughters. His rather medium-framed daughters should be on stable foundations. The udder values are impressive. With top udder position and optimally placed and pronounced lines, Fleckvieh bull Wingert PP* is also interesting for robot farms. Sesexed female available!

Our two homozygous polled line alternatives HEARTLAND PP and MERCADO PP remain on the list.

Heartbeat P*S x Vollgas P*S x Manton is the sire line of the homozygous polled young Fleckvieh bull Heartland PP*. Due to the genomic profile, we can expect creamy daughters with an excellent udder quality. Especially in udder length and udder floor Heartland PP* is convincing. The positive compoenents +0,02%fat and +0,04% protein as well as the desired A2A2 inheritance in connection with the polled gene make Heartland PP* a sought-after mating bull. The appealing calving pattern also makes a mating to heifers possible. Breeding values Heartland PP*

An extraordinary sire line with Mai P*S x Walch x Scorpion Pp* x Witam P*S can be found in the pedigree of MERCADO PP*. Mercado PP* can be used in a wide range of lines and can improve milk yield and conformation in hornless breeding. He lets us expect daughters with a good frame and an excellent foundation. The udders will inspire especially in length, udder floor and the strong central band. Mercado PP* also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of line expression and placement. Breeding values MERCADO PP*

Both bulls embody the ideal dual purpose Fleckvieh type with top beef values and their great type!


Heterozygous polled Fleckvieh sires

With almost 4,000 calved daughters, Manolo Pp* continues to confirm his exceptional position among the heterozygous polled bulls. Still number 3 in this segment, no one can match him in terms of udder health (119), calving ease (114) and conformation (foundation 133, udder 112). With numerous sons and grandsons in insemination, it is certain that Manolo Pp* is shaping the polled breeding programme and is now even happy about offspring in Peru.

In the field of genomic young Fleckvieh sires Edelpilz P*S and Meran Pp* complete the strong line-up of Mercedes Pp* sons. Edelpilz P*S is a very balanced sire with high performance (+870kg), positive protein (+0,08%) and a complete fitness block. Especially the teat development and the correct feet&legs stand out in conformation.

A naturally hornless son of Manaus is Meran Pp*, who, like his sire, can be expected to have a high dual-purpose character in his offspring.


Safely to your destination with Mercedes Pp*

There is a large selection of strong foundation bulls in the Mercedes Pp* sons, which have dominated the market in the last half year. Like their sire and already their grand sire Minor (foundation 118, ND 117) themselves, the Mercedes Pp* sons also shine with correct foundations, charisma and joy of development. Whether Makani PP*, Milford P*S, Mystic Pp*, Merenge Pp*, Meriol P*S or Merten, they all have a clean hock without neglecting the udder quality.

New on the top list is MERENGE Pp*. The Mercedes Pp*-son, bred out of Sehrgut, shows a high performance (+893kg) with positive protein values (+0,08). He inspires with udder health (118), milkability (107) and a probable suitability for cattle insemination (109). With stronger angulation the hocks are enormously cleanly pronounced, also udder seat and line distribution leave nothing to be desired.

MILFORD P*S, the most powerful of the quartet with +1315kg, combines good udder health with quick milking. In addition, he convinces with an optimal line expression, which might also be interesting for robot farms. Meriol P*S, on the other hand, is expected to have a positive protein content. He also combines the Mercedes Pp*-typical top exterior with udder health (119) and fitness. Sexed semen available

Interesting bred is MYSTIC Pp*, out of the combination Mercedes Pp* x Hilfinger. Besides Mystic Pp*, the well-known udder specialist Rave also comes from the well-known B-cow family at the Pilhofer farm. The excellent combination of performance and conformation is deeply secured in the cow family and also the genomic breeding values underline this impressively. With udder 126 and foundation 114 she leaves nothing to be desired in conformation. Sexed semen available

Genomic top bulls

Available from September 2022 is Hashtag-son HOPFEN, who tops the list of genomic young bulls with GZW 145. He offers everything we want from a young bull. Productivity, fitness and conformation at the highest level.

In the dominance of Hashtag-sons, Zeiger-son ZELDA is a high breeding value (GZW 143, MW 130) lineal bright spot in the top list. Willingness to perform, contents, fitness and optimally developed lines on firmly attached udders underline his exceptional position in the list. With udder 119 also in the udder the N°1 of the Zeiger sons.

With SKYLINE we can list another line-alternative top bull, who can score with an excellent foundation inheritance. This is a basic prerequisite for a long dairy cow life, as his service life breeding value of 130 points also shows.

Whether WINTERTRAUM, SPUTNIK, HOERI or ENDLESS, they all have one thing in common besides strong genomics: With their alternative bloodlines they are extremely versatile.

The fact that good foundations lead to a long service life and good fertility has been known for a long time. For this reason, the Greifenberg insemination station has been paying more attention to these characteristics when purchasing bulls. With success, as the large selection of both daughter-tested and genomic conformation and fitness specialists shows.

So be sure to take a look at our homepage www.besamungsstation.eu. With the ranking function of the top lists, the top bull for your cows can also be found quickly.