Sire Proofs Fleckvieh 08/2021

BSG Fleckvieh progeny tested

The August 2021 Fleckvieh sire proof run brings a number of new, extremely interesting bulls as well as some changes in the breeding value estimate. The breeding progress in Fleckvieh is very stable, which is clearly shown by the depreciation of the total breeding value by -0.7 points. After the introduction of the completely new estimation method Single-Step in April, which also led to a clear re-sorting of the bull lists, the trait persistence was switched to the new method at the August estimation date, which had to be postponed in April due to time constraints.

Breeding value milking behaviour

Another completely new breeding value is the relative breeding value milking behaviour. This is now also shown on our bull data sheets. The milking behaviour plays a very important role in practice, because aggressive or nervous animals are undesirable for well-known reasons. Up to now, if a bull's daughters showed more conspicuous behaviour, this was indicated on the bar chart. The data basis is based on the questioning of the milking staff during the offspring evaluation. The data basis is therefore limited to a one-time survey of the evaluated animals and is therefore not too extensive. Also, the heritability of 5.3% in Simmental cattle is in the very low range.

What does this mean in practice? Due to the low heritability and the relatively manageable sample within the framework of the survey, the relative breeding value milking behaviour should not yet be given too much priority in the selection of bulls!

MINOR now progeny-tested

MINOR leads the list of daughter-tested bulls with TMI 133. Despite depreciation, he gained one point in GZW and also increased his milk yield by more than +100 kgs. Bred out of the well-known L-line of the Mayr Josef farm in Uffing, he can be called a fitness giant (FIT 127) with a medium milk volume ratio and positive ingredients. His fitness block is striking, especially the very good udder health (130), longevity (119) and daughter fertility (114). Only the milking speed should be considered when mating. The medium-framed daughters of Minor stand on fine, dry feet&legs and have very appealing udders with optimally pronounced teats. He is suitable for cattle insemination

⇒Sire Proofs Fleckvieh MINOR


MANOLO Pp* the favourite of Fleckvieh polled

MANOLO Pp is nationally and internationally popular as the best progeny tested polled Fleckvieh sire. With more than 3000 daughters in milk, he was able to consolidate his top position in this estimation and convinces with excellent conformation, good milk quantity, top fitness values and a good beef performance. He is also suitable for insemination of young cattle. Sire proofs of Fleckvieh ⇒ MANOLO Pp...

Progeny tested Fleckvieh newcomers of the summer breeding evaluation

HERMELIN is the first newcomer. Internationally, this Herzschlag son from the well-known cow family of the Bürger farm was awaited with great anticipation. He was already in great demand as a bull sire, so that already 28 of his sons found their way to an insemination station. His heredity pattern is characterised by a very good milk quantity heredity (+1.004 kg) with positive fat content (+0,10%), with just below average fitness. His lower daughter fertility is compensated by the excellent milking speed of 118 points. In conformation he shows clear strengths in udder composite (120), especially in the area of the suspensory ligament and the teat position behind.



BSG Fleckvieh: Proven and popular

Dual-purpose specialist HOOD also convinces with stable breeding values and is developing into the most complete of all Hutera sons. He is the embodiment of dual-purpose (FW 122, ZW milk +661kg) and inspires with excellent calf quality and daughters with strong type, which more than satisfy their owners.

With VERMEER, another popular BSG Fleckvieh sire confirms his excellent breeding values al. Already 941 daughters have completed their second lactation with 8,568kg milk at 4.08% fat and 3.64% protein. They are already 400kg above the herd level!

The line-alternative newcomers of the December 2020 sire proof run IMERO and WOB also show a positive development and convince in terms of willingness to perform, conformation and fitness, but as well very good beef performances.

With a udder breeding value of 138, Manigo's son MAGIER remains the best udder specialist bull in the Fleckvieh population. The beautiful udders of the Magier daughters are not only beautiful, but also healthy, which is shown by the udder health value of 126 points.




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in the BSG December 2020 offer:

BSG genomic Fleckvieh - variety

Homozygous polled Fleckvieh bulls

The offer of genomic young sires is again very extensive and there is a suitable bull for every demand! Among the purebred polled Fleckvieh bulls, WONKA PP* is for many farmers a favourite. This Watango-son lets us expect a lot of milk in combination with a very balanced fitness range, furthermore Wonka PP* offers the rare combination of healthy udders with easy to milk udders. Wonka PP* promises tall framed and robust cows with small volume, high attached udders. Additionally Wonka PP* can be used to balance out cows with too short and thin strokes.

With VORZUG PP* and VOTANGO PP there are two more sires with high milk yields but as well beef and muscling, which can also score in the fitness traits. The light calvings of VOTANGO PP (Cpat 115) are already secured.

In the course of autumn, this segment will be expanded by other very interesting bulls MERCADO PP* and HEARTLAND PP*, which have recently arrived at the station!


Heterozygous polled Fleckvieh young sires

The top position is taken by the exceptional bull MERCURY Pp* who proves once again that naturally hornless bulls are more than competitive. The late Mahango Pp*-son Mercury Pp* is out of the Evergreen-daughter Anni, who produced her first lactation on an extensive pasture farm. Via the bulls Wohltat, Vanstein, Safir and Horb this Fleckvieh cow family goes back to the well-known show farm Eichberger, St. Margarethen. So it is not surprising that Mercury Pp* not only inspires with appealing performance and fitness breeding values, but also lets us expect physical Fleckvieh animals with a strong feet&legs and udder quality in the perfext dual purpose type.

The heterozygous polled Edelstein son Edelpilz P*S derives from an excellent cow family. His granddam and great-granddam also cause a sensation with their willingness to perform and their show and breeding successes through their large-framed, udder-strong dam, the Müritz daughter Genie. Last but not least, the famous cow sire BG Zauber comes from this family. Edelpilz P*S focuses on a good milk yield (+868kg) with a positive protein content (+0,08 %) as well as on a very good fitness with healthy udders and fertile daughters. His conformation profile is impeccable and allows to expect durable, firmly attached udders with optimal lines. So he can also be recommended for AMS systems. Edelpilz P*S will be available in September. ⇒To the breeding values of EDELPILZ P*S

The high-quality range of heterozygous bulls is completed by WIND Pp* and WRANGLER Pp*.


Your farms and your health are very important for us, thats`s why the events planned for August, such as the Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss regulars bull presentation, will be cancelled. As we still want to provide you with the best possible information about current events in cattle breeding, we would like to take this opportunity to refer you to our new homepage, which has been equipped with many practical functions such as the search for bulls suitable for AMS. On www.besamungsstation.eu you will find under the menu item "News" current topics around cattle breeding.


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