Sire Proofs Brown Swiss 12/2022

BSG Brown Swiss Progeny tested


Sire proofs Brown Swiss Dezember 2022 - BSG Greifenberg

On 6 December, the third breeding value estimate in 2022 took place. No significant changes in the breeding value range were expected for this estimate. The optimum ranges in the bar chart were adjusted for some traits to the evaluation results and the current requirements of the modern Brown Swiss cow.

New progeny tested brown bulls

Vasary a Brown Swiss newcomer with allround qualities

The Vassli son Vasary from Thomas Velle, Schwangau, is a newcomer in the field of progeny-tested bulls. With the pedigree Juleng x Hucos x Etvei, Vasary always has strong progeny-tested sires. His daughters inspire especially in conformation. Wide, stable cows with long rumps and strong feet&legs. The long udders are very productive with high fat contents (+0,23) in the milk. Quick milking speed and a strong udder health in combination with good muscling complete the strong breeding pattern. Especially on the current Brown Swiss population Vasary with all his strengths might often be the ideal bull for mating.  ♦ Sire Proofs VASARY ♦




Progeny tested Brown Swiss bulls secure their values

In the meantime, the Vassli sons are making their mark on the daughter-tested bulls. Valor can again increase his breeding values with a steadily increasing number of daughters. His daughters show a lot of frame and are pleasing with excellently formed rumps as well as strong feet&legs that tend to show a little more angle. The udders are high attached and can be milked quickly (Milking speed 113).

Another Vassli son is Vasmor who was bred out of the well known Vintage cow family. His medium-framed daughters are characterised by high attached udders and best, throughout positive fitness traits. Here especially longevity (112) and daughter fertility (113) stand out. He can be as well recommended for heifer inseminations.

Valerian completes the quartet of Vassli sons. Valerian's focus is on his extremely balanced breeding pattern. His meanwhile 207 daughters in milk can be milked quickly (120), confirm a good udder health (105) and can also please in the health traits and vitality (calve vitality 120) on the farms.

A variation in the pedigree is brought by the Amor son Amorie. Already at the Bad Waldseer Braunviehtag his daughters could inspire with the clear feet&legs and the strong udder quality. Fortunately, his N°1 son Amarula and his N°1 grandson Avatar are already at our insemination station and can continue Amorie's success story.

Strong BSG Brown Swiss bulls among the progeny tested

Vipro Pp* is considered to be the strongest feet&legs and udder specialist in Brown Swiss. Like his dam Pronto Mausi, Vipro Pp* shows a strong performance development in the subsequent lactations. Functional fitness traits and highly positive ingredients +0.44%fat +0.14%protein have already been confirmed by more than 500 daughters in milk. Brown Swiss News International: A Vipro Pp daughter is currently the strongest Brown Swiss cow in Canada.



Here you can find the progeny-tested Brown Swiss bulls:

BSG young sires - Brown Swiss

Vier BSG-Bullen in den TOP 5 der Jungvererber

Vassos, Dior, Amarula and Avatar do not only belong to the top of the Brown Swiss breed, they are also the best sons of their sires. The Vassri-son Vassos, who is out of a physical, fit Huxoy daughter, has an alternate pedigree. The Brown Swiss bull Vassos suits for heifer inseminations and proves to be a functional cow maker with best fitness traits. By skilfully combining performance and conformation, Dior was bred. His genomic pedigree also certifies a high performance disposition to his typey offspring. Amarula is the N°1 of the Amorie-sons and at the same time a fitness sire. He lets us expect daughters with a high components of 0.14%fat and +0.06protein and extremely functional traits (Fitness 116). Amarual and Dior are available with sexed semen!

AVATAR bull Brown Swiss

AVATAR 10.346565 - A2A2/AB

AVATAR Avatar is the Austria-son with the highest breeding value and goes back to the Visor-daughter Eva on his dam's side. His dam and granddam convince in the breeder's barn with their fine bone structure, best foundations and tight udders with ideal lines. Performance-wise, the cows also leave hardly anything to be desired and the high fat contents are deeply anchored in Avatar's cow family. Avatar promises harmonious Brown Swiss cows with best fitness traits, impeccable pelvis, tight feet&legs and appealing udders. Only the slightly below average milkability should be considered in the mating.



4 more newcomers expand the range of young Brown Swiss bulls



DOLOMITI 10.357000 - A2A2

One of the first Danly-sons Dolomiti promises a very balanced breeding pattern. With the combination of Danly x Aussi x Herbst the young bull is an extremely alternate bred Brown Swiss bull. Dolomiti promises offspring with a high level of fitness, which are especially characterised by great ongevity, best vitality and a strong udder health. Dolomiti also leaves nothing to be desired in the conformation sector. Daughters with a lot of body depth, correct feet&legs and best udders. The strong udder position in connection with ideal teats and the excellent position should be emphasised.






CALVARO 10.346555 - AB/A2A2

The young Brown Swiss bull CALVARO, who can be used for a wide range of purposes, comes from a line-alternative mating. The pedigree also includes Viori and Brilliant, two extremely solid Brown Swiss bulls with approved daughters. His deep-framed dam Lilie convinces with her broad, sloping pelvis, dry feet&legs and a well textured udder. The strong developed young bull Calvaro is expected to produce medium-framed offspring with dry hocks as well as wide, high rearudders. A high longevity as well as a strong performance development complete the interesting breeeding pattern of the udder specialist Calvaro.



DIADEM 10.346575 - A2A2/BB

DIADEM is already one of the first Dejavu sons in use and is out of a typey Harley daughter. His dam Bela convinces in the organic breeding farm with a strong first lactation and her impeccable conformation. Bela embodies enough strength and depth with ideal pelvic characteristics. The high attached udder convinces by the tight fit and the strong udder length. The teats are ideally placed and tend to be slightly longer. Diadem also inherits slightly longer, stronger teats which are ideally placed. The AMS bull Diadem can also convince in the width of the rear udder and the length of the udder.




ORRERO 10.346525 - A2A2/BB

The young Brown Swiss bull ORRERO comes from an interesting pedigree with Optimal x Antonov x Huxoy x Huray from a deep cow family that is native to the middle of Germany. His dam Antonov Ferrero is characterised by a dairy conformation, fine feet&legs and a very well attached udder. The genomic profile allows to expect type strong daughters with strong rumops.The udder specialist Orrero also promises high attached udders that also know how to convince with wide, high rear udders.




Established Brown Swiss young sires

With Namur and Bisto in the pedigree, New York should also be very versatile. Strong cows with good rumps and strong udders are the advantages of New York besides the positive fitness traits.

The dam of Nathan could already prove her strong conformation at the Waldsee Brown Brown Swiss Day. Her conformation strength is also clearly visible in Nathan's breeding pattern. Among the strong fitness traits, especially the good vitality of the first calves is worth mentioning.

The sire of Vance, Volker already convinced in Bad Waldsee with an excellent offspring group with best udder quality. The heifer bull Vance also promises wide, deep-framed offspring with best udder composite.

Pure performance is guaranteed by the cows in Pasadena's pedigree. Pasadena himself also shows his performance with appealing fitness traits, strong feet&legs as well as wide, long udders. Medium-framed cows with correct feet and strong udders are expected from the Amorie son Amun.

An extremely balanced breeding pattern is promised by the heifer bull and Vassido son Vaskur. With Glarus and Prohuvo in the pedigree, the functional traits, as well as the impeccable conformation and the positive ingredients are optimally secured.

Highest udder quality is promised by the Bloomlord son Bernado. The sesexed bull can convince with deep-framed, wide offspring with long, well connected udders.


Click here for the genomic Brown Swiss bulls:

Variety of sires in the polled BROWN SWISS


Wide range of polled Brown Swiss sires

The sired Boxer Pp* is also out of a Vipro Pp*-daughter. Boxer Pp* can combine strong conformation, high fitness values and positive ingredients with the hornless gene in his unique hereditary profile. Boxer Pp* (GZW 138) remains the most interesting polled bull of the Brown Swiss breed and is therefore also in great demand internationally and supra-regionally, which can occasionally lead to supply bottlenecks.

Vallejo Pp* can be described as an outcross bull, because he already receives the hornless gene from the dam side bull Wachter. His genomic profile suggests functional, udder strong cows with solid contents and appealing fitness traits.

A deep cow family with high udder quality is in the pedigree of the young David son Ducati P*S. His positive ingredients, appealing fitness traits and pleasant character stand for the characteristics of the Brown-Swiss breed and can be optimally secured with Ducati P*S.


Sagan P*S has become a perennial favourite in the hornless segment and always convinces with his strong udder quality. The first calves of the line-alternative bull Sagan P*S are also convincing with a strong middle hand, good growth and high calf vitality.

Currently the first hornless calves are born from the purebred hornless Design PP*. The genomic result of Design PP* leads to the expectation of functional cows that can convince especially with fitness and ingredients.

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