Sire Proofs Brown Swiss 12/2021

BSG Brown Swiss Progeny tested

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The December breeding value estimation is already the third breeding value estimation since the changeover to the new, significantly more reliable single-step system. By increasing the certainty of the estimated breeding values, major changes should be minimised.

Further increase in the number of daughters at Visor P*S

Meanwhile 91 daughters of the polled Brown Swiss bull Visor P*S have completed the 100-day performance and underline his excellent content inheritance of +0.32%faz and +0.07%protein in combination with best udder health (116). The medium framed daughters show correct feetlegs and can score especially in the udder composite (120). The udders are tightly hung with good length and width as well as ideal line positioning. The strong conformation could be proven with the offspring group at the digital German Dairy Show. The calves of Visor P*S as well as his daughters show an often desired appealing muscling. Only the somewhat tighter milkability should be taken into account when mating.

More Information: ⇒ VISOR P*S polled Brown Swiss



Valerian starts with his first daughters

Valerian combines with Vassli x Juleng x Huray popular Brown Swiss sires in his pedigree. With +1,145 kg milk he enriches the segment of performance sires. At the same time Valerian scores with high udder health, positive milking behaviour and quick milkability (Mbk 121). The daughters are medium framed with wide, long and ideally inclined rumps. The ideal placement of the thurl over in combination with the impeccable feet&legs are the basics of the excellent locomotion. Long fore udders and the ideal teat development and teat placement are the best basis for further increase in performance and longevity.

Already progeny-tested brown cattle animals secure their breeding values

VIPRO Pp*  was also used more intensively as a young bull. With a growing number of daughters, he can once again strengthen his hereditary focus. The daughters convince with their high components +0.40% +0.12% protein as well as the appealing fitness traits. His 174 classified daughters leave nothing to be desired in terms of feet&legs (123) and udder composite (116). Clear, tight fet&legs and high set attached udders with ideal teat placement also make Vipro Pp* an ideal bull for robotic milking systems. ⇒ VIPRO Pp* polled Brown Swiss


Davinci can expand the variety of lines even further. With the combination Dario x Vigor x Pronto he can be used in a wide range. His high fitness characteristics as well as his fine, glandular udders are certainly worth mentioning.

The Vintage son VIP inherits the type of the medium-framed functional cow. His daughters show themselves very uncomplicated with a functional, solid conformation. The udders show good connections and convince with the appealing production (+1.030 kg milk).

The daughters of AMOR also show appealing milk yields (+1,060 kg milk). Already 386 daughters confirm his conformation. Correct foundations as well as appealing udders with a narrow line distribution belong to Amor's strengths.

VIORI has an enormously appealing heredity in the conformation area. His creamy daughters are especially convincing with their long, wide and ideally inclined pelvises. The wide, long udders complete the hereditary picture of the quick milking (MBK 110) Vivid-son Viori.

Oldstar VINTAGEcan once again underline his hereditary power with regard to milk yield in combination with a functional conformation.

Here you can find the progeny-tested Brown Swiss bulls:

BSG young sires - Brown Swiss


PORTLAND 10.435512- A2A2/AB

From one of the most famous US cow families around Even Bounce comes the young Piano son PORTLAND. This cow family has also left great breeding traces in the neighbouring Baden-Württemberg. Vassli and the Brown-Swiss legend Payssli also came from this cow family. Portland combines one of the deepest Brown-Swiss cow families with the current young genetics. From Portland we can expect high performing daughters with best udders. Also in the fitness traits the young Piano-son leaves nothing to be desired.




NATHAN 10.435514 - A2A2/BB

With NATHAN, the first Naturel son is already starting his mission. With Vassli, Huray and Etvei, further well-known progeny-tested Brown Swiss bulls are listed in the pedigree. This cow family always convinced with their high life performances and their uncomplicated nature. From Nathan you can also expect very complete, creamy dairy cows. Good foundations and appealing udders make him an interesting young bull. The high fitness traits with best udder health, quick milkability and flat lactation curve make him a broadly useable young bull.




DIOR Bulle.jpg

DIOR 10.346445 - A2A2/BB

Performance and conformation quality are anchored in Dior's pedigree over generations. Dane, Vassli, Anibal, Hussant, Goldfinger are the exclusive sires of the young Brown Swiss bull Dior. His dam Sita is very willing to perform and pleases especially with her strong udder quality. Granddam Saskia is also convincing with her uncomplicated nature and impeccable conformation as well as appealing ingredients. From Dior we can also expect high performing daughters with suitable feet&legs and wide, appealing udders. The quick milking Dane son also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of fitness traits.  Sexed semen available!




Chagall also comes from this Payssli cow family. The Canyon son with the strongest ZW has a similar inheritance pattern and can also convince with high milk quantity, as well as high fitness values and best udders.

Positive ingredients of +0.17%fat and +0.07%protein as well as an extremely correct, tall framed bull are the trademarks of Amarula. He can also convince with the desired fitness as well as the very functional conformation. In addition, Amarula is also available with sexed semen.

Amun also looks back to one of the most famous German Brown-Swiss cow families and can perfectly combine in his genomic profile the willingness to perform, impeccable feet&Legs and excellent udders.

Volantis is considered the most interesting Vorsprung son and can also show an excellent willingness to perform in combination with high fitness traits. In addition, his genomic profile suggests daughters with strong feet&legs and udder composite.




New York.jpg

NEW YORK 10.608925 - BB

The most powerful Namur son NEW YORK comes from a deep Austrian Brown Swiss cow family. On the dam's side we find with Bisto, Harley and Juhus extremely positive progeny-tested Brown Swiss bulls. The genomic pedigree of New York is enormously balanced with an excellent performance disposition. Long, broad rumps and strong feet&legs are part of it as well as correct, functional udders. New York also shows his strengths in fitness traits, especially milkability, persistency, udder health and vitality.


19-10-2021 Bulle PLATIN Logo.jpg

PLATIN 10.347130 - A2A2/AB

With PLATIN , a young Piano son is already starting his career. Platin was bred out of the conformation and high performing Hidalgo-daughter Ulrike. With Vapiano and Juhus, the pedigree also includes other positive progeny tested Brown Swiss bulls. Platin's genomic profile suggests offspring with excellent pelvic and udder quality. Wide, long pelvises with the ideal placement in combination with correct feet&legs are the basis for uncomplicated cows. Especially in udder length, rear udder and the somewhat longer, stronger teats Platin knows how to convince.


Bloomlord_Bulle_altes Format.jpg

BLOOMLORD 10.346315 - A2A2/BB

BLOOMLORD The young Brown Swiss sire Bloomlord is currently the index-strongest Blooming son. His dam convinces on his breeding farm Landherr GbR, Schnerzhofen by her tight backline, the dry feet&legs and a strong udder seat. The enormously developed bull promises daughters with a lot of frame and an ideal rump expression. The feet&legs and the udder inheritance of Bloomlord also ideally meet the requirements of a Brown Swiss cow. A neutral protein inheritance in combination with an appealing milk yield and high fitness traits. Among the functional traits especially milking speed, longevity and persistence complete his interesting breeding pattern. Sexed semen available.



Cameron and Cairon are further Canyon sons. While Camron is out of a Amor-daughter, we find the Amor-mother as granddam in Cairon. Both bulls convince by the strong willingness to perform in connection with the desired, good udders.

The Vasmor son Vandid completes the diverse Brown-Swiss range. Out of the combination Vasmor x Arrow, Vandid is very alternatively bred. With positive components +0.11%fat and +0.03%protein, especially the solid, functional conformation quality as well as the quick milkability stand out.

Click here for the genomic Brown Swiss bulls:

BROWN SWISS polled genomic sires


The young Valid son VALLEJO Pp* brings a blood refreshment in the polled Brown Swiss breeding programme. His dam Rubi is a medium-framed Wachter Pp-daughter. A strong rear udder width and a correct teat expression as well as placement belong to the strengths of this fourth calf cow on the farm Jordan Michael, Aitrang. In the pedigree of Vallejo Pp* you can also find the BSG Oldstar Juleng, a guarantor for body with, strength and depth. The genomic breeding pattern of Vallejo Pp* promises strong daughters with correct feet&legs. In addition, Vallejo Pp* can significantly improve milkability and udder quality, which is often desired in polled breeding.

VINCERO Pp* is the first Visor P*S son to be used for the first time in Germany. On the dam's side we find with Salomon, Vasir and Hucos three positively progeny tested Brown Swiss bulls. His dam Salomon Perle convinces after 4 calvings with dry feet&legs. An udder with excellent veining, tight udder seat and an appealing rear udder expression complete her strong appearance. The wide pelvis, positive content (+0,45%fat +0.16%protein), excellent fitness and impeccable udders are the trademark of Vincero Pp*. Vincero Pp* will be sufficiently available by the end of September. The polled sire VARIANZ P*S promises the big-framed cows with a lot of width, enough strength and depth. His genomic profile allows to expect daughters with correct feet&legs and appealing udders. With a good length, especially the trait with longer teats stands out. High fitness and health traits are also among the advantages of the uncomplicated young Brown Swiss bull Varianz P*S.


HUNGARO Pp* promises offspring that will move on excellent feet&legs. The high milk yield and quick milkability will also be striking. DAIM Pp* was bred on an organic farm and convinces with a solid conformation as well as his high fitness characteristics.

As an udder specialist in the hornless segment, SAGAN P*S is certainly not to be missed. Due to his bloodlines he is widely applicable and also the first calves from him are convincing on the farms. In addition to Daim Pp*, Sagen P*S and Design PP* are also available with sexed semen!

DESIGN PP Bulle.jpg

DESIGN PP* is a young, purebred polled David son already out of a Visor P*S daughter. Design PP* is characterized by an appealing milk yield and positive ingredients of +0.14%fat and neutral protein-%. Also in the fitness traits, the homozygous polled Brown Swiss bull leaves hardly anything to be desired. In the group of purebred polledbulls, Design PP* leads the list and also convinces with his strong conformation especially in the feet&legs and udder composite.

The first calves from DON PP* are also born at the moment. The good calf vitality leads us to expect dairy cows that are ready to perform.


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