Sire Proof Holstein Dezember 2020

BSG Holstein progeny tested


Top Holstein bulls come from Greifenberg

The existing range of daughter-tested bulls remains stable in terms of breeding value. With a growing number of daughters, the popular beef bull CORONA is confirmed as a reliable performance sire, with a slight increase in the feet&legs breeding value. A new addition to the range is Balisto's son BONUM , the most complete of the daughter-tested breeding value giants. In addition to the combination of fitness, conformation and willingness to perform, Bonum is suitable for robotic milking systems and for heifer inseminations.

Succesful bull selection among the young genomic sires

The Greifenberg insemination station has always cultivated an intensive exchange of top genetics with the big Holstein insemination stations. On the one hand, to establish a wide range of bloodlines in the Holstein area, on the other hand, to give farmers in the BSG area access to top Holstein genetics. The fact that we have proven a sure hand in the past years when selecting the purchased bulls is confirmed by bulls like Semino, Sinus, Supercup, Malinus, Sylvert, Kayne, Arino Red, Laser Red PP*, Pace Red, Present Red and last but not least Power Red. The top of the currently daughter-tested Holstein bulls were therefore already available to our members as genomic young bulls for insemination.

By the intensive and critical selection of these bulls we hope to meet this demand also in the future.

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Top Holstein bulls come from Greifenberg

BSG Holstein genomics

PROMISE - among the best RZ€ bulls

We are especially pleased that with the young Holstein bull Promise, a Prosperous son out of Kerrigan Rosylane, we are able to offer you a Top 10 bull for RZ€ right away, which also receives the DDC Premium Logo. With this logo the 10% best bulls are awarded regarding high Mortellaro resistance of the offspring. With a fabulous +2757 for RZ€ he ranks 6th of all listed Holstein young bulls. Despite an enormously high performance predisposition of the Promise offspring (+2521kg ZW-milk), his fitness and functional characteristics are not neglected, which is shown by his RZGesund of 118. You can expect big cows with a decent body capacity from him. The udders of his daughters should be rear udders with correct teat placement. Ranked by RZM, top bull Promise can even be found in the top 3 of the current Holstein young bulls.


Also the component specialist Sepia (+0,65%fat +0,32% protein) ranks with a RZ€ of +2222 at the top of the profitability scale. Besides the top exterior with a lot of strength and pelvic width, it is the udder health (RZS 122) and as well udder quality (udder 128) that make Sepia an interesting choice for mating. Profitability is also in the focus of the breeding values of Jahoo. High performance in combination with positive inheritance of ingredients, metabolic stability and functional exterior can be expected from him.

⇒ Breeding values SEPIA and PROMISE


Newcomer Suvari: The all-rounder

One of the most complete genomic profiles of all is probably the young Suprem son Suvari. He combines cow family, top fitness, willingness to perform, components and a flawless conformation. The famous breeding and show cow RC-LC Goldwyn ATM EX92, the great-great-great-grandmother of Suvari, was one of the most sought-after Goldwin daughters. At the World Classic Sale 2010 in Madison her Super-daughter Ariane was sold for $87.000, she is the great-great-granddam of Suvari. Via McCutchen the pedigree leads to the Suvari granddam Pacco (V: Tribune). The mating of Pacco with the US type and component bull Bandares produced the enormously willing Ashley, the dam of Suvari. Suvari was bred by Schmid Andreas in Jengen, Germany, and due to his excellent breeding values of 125 for pelvic width, 111 for strength, 106 for rump angle and the longer teats, he is probably the top mating partner for the current Holstein population. The RZRobot and the strong health breeding values (RZhealth 123) complete the complete package. To the breeding values of newcomer Suvari

Polled Holstein top sires

The very popular homozygous Holstein polled bull Babylon PP* remained stable in his breeding values, which apart from its strong fitness and exterior breeding values shows a tendency to easier calvings. Also Babylon PP* belongs to the 10% top bulls which receive the DDC Premium Logo.

With Halifax P we can also offer you a heterozygous polled bull, which is as well among the top RZ€ sires with RZ€ +2500. The RZRobot (120), the strong fitness traits, as well as the top udder composite (129) complete the total package of Halifax P.

Sorelio Red P what more could you want

When looking at the current Red Holstein young bull list, #3 immediately catches the eye with the BSG Sorelio Red P with his outstanding breeding values of RZG 165 and RZM 140. Thanks to lucky circumstances the Solitair P-son bred by Philipp Hinnemann could move into the stables of the Greifenberg Insemination Station. Coming from the well-known Canadian Glen Drummond Splendor, dam Dido and great-granddam Dream are still at the Hinnemann farm. Dido is completing her first lactation these days and has been able to develop enormously in both her physique and udder texture since her first calving. Also the Sorelio Red P-granddam is still at the farm with five calves and delights with her tightly attached, well textured udder. With the medium frame inheritance, the strong health breeding values and the flawless type, Sorelio Red P is exactly the bull that the Red Holstein breed has been waiting for. He is also a heterozygous polled bull and with his breeding value for calving easy he suits as well for heifer inseminations.

To the breeding values of newcomer Sorelio Red P


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