Sire Proofs Brown Swiss 12/2020

BSG Brown Swiss Progeny tested

For the last breeding value estimate of 2020 there are again some Brown Swiss newcomers who are included in the breeding value estimate for the first time. In this December breeding sire proofs 2020 again some write-offs and adjustments of the Brown Swiss Breeding Value Testing Unit were made. Especially in the udder composite (-1.0) and the final score (-0.9) some major adjustments were made. Already in the previous breeding value estimation the udder composite was also already corrected downwards by 1.1 udder points.

VIP increases with additional daughters

Some sons of the popular Brown Swiss bull Vintage have meanwhile also started in the second crop due to the strong daughters. VIP is his best son (127) in the Brown Swiss list with the highest breeding value and his 49 daughters, who confirm his conformation traits. With a narrow frame inheritance, especially the wide pelvis and the functional udders are striking. The Vintage son out of a Vasir daughter also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of fitness characteristics. An appealing milk yield (+977 kg) rounds off his breeding pattern.


BV Sire Proofs DEZ 2020.jpg


The first daughters of the popular Anibal son AMOR are now entering their second lactation. The 174 daughters can confirm his good persistence (119), udder health (109) and an attractive milk yield (+945) with the completed first lactation. Also in udder composite the rather dairy Amor-daughters convinces with their functional traits and the tendency of slightly longer teats (108).


VIORI a Brown Swiss Newcomer on the list

From the combination Vivid x Juleng x Prego x Pronto derives the strongest Vivid-son VIORI. Already his strong dam Zulu convinced on the breeding farm with her correct feet&legs and her flawless udder, but as well as typical for Juleng enormous body strength. Also, his 44 evaluated daughters show very good conformation. The excellent rumps have to be pointed out, which is reflected in the wide pelvis (109) and the ideally inclined rumps (117). The udders show a good length and are also pleasing in the rear udder characteristics and the strongly pronounced suspensory ligament (113). Thoroughly positive fitness traits and the appealing milk quantity (+614 kg) round off the appealing breeding pattern of this progeny tested Brown Swiss sire.

The Jukebox-son and udder specialist JUCATOR still promises a positive components. The daughters of the udder-specialist are quick to milk (117) and also convince in udder health (117) and daughter fertility (111). When mating the Brown Swiss udder specialist (128), the slightly tighter frame and pelvic heredity should be taken into account. He suits for heifer inseminations.

A strong type is still promised by BRILLIANT, who is out of the national winner Egiz-Selina. Brilliant can convince with his strong conformation combined with highly positive components and fitness. Furthermore his uncomplicated daughters show excellent fertility (111), very healthy udders and an appealing performance increase in the second and third lactation.

The performance-oriented inheritance of VINTAGE is ensured by the now 2,775 daughters in milk. With 548 classified daughters, the type traits are considered highly secure. VESPA P*S is considered to be the most interesting polled Brown Swiss bull who can already confirm his functional conformation and quick milkability (123) with one offspring group. A further Vintage son VIAMONT, who is willing to perform, rounds off the wide range of the daughter tested bulls.


Here you can find the progeny-tested Brown Swiss bulls:

Wide selection of Brown Swiss genomic sires

AMUN 10.346335 - A2A2/BB

The young Brown Swiss bull Amun can look back on a deep and strong cow family. From this cow family, which is characterized by an excellent udder quality, there are already several positive progeny tested Brown Swiss bulls. Hussli Lacky is the dam of the two bulls Juwel and Proteus and from Huray Licka derives the BSG udder specialist Jucator. The dam of Amun convinces in the breeder's stable by her good conformation and especially the strong rumps and feet&legs. The highlight is certainly the flawless udder with a strong central ligament and an enormously high and wide rear udder. The young Brown Swiss sire Amun combines a strong performance heredity with a very good udder quality.



A performance-oriented pedigree stands behind the young Brown Swiss bull AMERICAN. In the pedigree of the Amorie-son American are the positive progeny tested Brown Swiss bulls Ifeeling, Harley, Vasir, Egiz and Jublend. His dam Helma is considered in the breeding stable as an uncomplicated Brown Swiss cow with impeccable feet&legs. His genomic breeding pattern also promises uncomplicated, functional offspring. Especially in fore udder length and rear udder width we can expect a significant improvement from the Brown Swiss young sire American.


SELAND Pp_Bulle.jpg

SEALAND P*S 10.346810 - A2A2/BB

The Seasidebloom-son SEALAND P*S offers an extension of the line variety in the polled Brown Swiss breeding programme. Sealand P*S is one of the most powerful polled sires. His dam, a genetically polled Emsland P*S-daughter, pleases especially with her overall package. Long, wide rumps and flawless feet&legs are among the advantages of this uncomplicated cow. The udder shows a good attachment with an ideal suspensory ligament. A full sister of Sealand P*S can already confirm his strong performance disposition in the breeder's stable. Striking in the genomic profile of this young Brown Swiss sire is certainly the strong frame and pelvic heredity.



HOCHTAL 10.346275- A2A2/BB

With the young Brown Swiss bull HOCHTAL one of the rare Hochdorf sons starts his career. On the dam's side, we find functional cows in the pedigree, which also stand out for their high lifetime performances. Hochtal derives from the medium-framed Ifeeling daughter Hurtig. With functional feet&legs, the ideal AMS-suitable udder stands out. Hochtal's granddam is also considered a fit, uncomplicated cow in the breeding stable. The strong fitness traits are also reflected in Hochtal's genomic breeding pattern. We can expect functional, uncomplicated cows with strong fitness traits from the young bull Hochtal.




GALAXIS 10.346355 - A2A2/AB

The young bull GALAXIS is the result of the unusual combination of the progeny tested Brown Swiss sires Glarus, Puck and Hapat. His dam Puck-Suse convinces with a strong first lactation of 9.337kg milk, 3,91% fat and high protein values of 3,85%. Besides a medium frame, the well attached udder of Suse in the breeding farm Maucher Anton, Pfaffenhausen is especially striking. The genomic profile of Galaxis shows the strengths of the sire line and accordingly allows to expect offspring with correct foundations. In addition, his daughters should be characterised by high-attached udders and strong fitness traits.


Click here for the genomic Brown Swiss bulls:

BSG young sires - Brown Swiss

Dejavu extends the Brown Swiss young sire programme

With a steadily increasing number of daughters Dane was able to work his way up in the breeding value estimation. Due to his limited availability, just a limited number of sons is available. With Dejavu starts one of the most interesting Dane offspring. Currently in 3rd lactation Zephir Dani convinces with a very long fore udder, a tight suspensory ligament and a well-developed rear udder. The slightly thicker lines are correctly placed, with front teats placed far inside. Also, the young Brown Swiss sire Dejavu promises a large frame with long, but also wide rumps. The udders should have a strong focus on fore udders with a lot of width in the rear udder and a good udder attachment. Due to the positive inheritance of milk components, the correctly angulated rear legs and the flawless teats, he is optimally suited for mating to the current population. In addition, the young bull is also available with female sexed semen.




The young Amorie-son AUSTRIA is now better available. Austri unifies the combination Amorie x Cadence x Volvo x Emerog. Austria, who is strong in breeding value, promises wide, deep offspring with ideal feet&legs. With an ideal teat development, especially the fore udder length (116) and the rear udder width (122) immediately attract attention. With a milk performance of +1,570 kg milk, Austria is one of the strongest performance sires of the Brown Swiss breed. A flat lactation curve, good performance improvement and high udder health complete genomic profile.

One of the first Vorsprung-sons already started to be used with VORTEIL. The breeding pattern shows a correct type. With an ideal stroke developement the rear strokes are placed and set a little bit wider. These hereditary characteristics make Vorteil an interesting mating partner, especially for farms with an robotic milkin system. Also in the fitness traits of longevoty (111), persistence (119), milkability (117) and calving ease (108), the young bull Vorteil is convincing.

The first promising calves have now been born from PIANO and VASSIDO. Both bulls are available again sexed and thus ideally complement the diverse range of genomic young sires.




Don PP* is one of the few Brown Swiss young sires where all offspring will be 100% polled. The homozygous polled David Pp* shines with his enormously fine, correct body structure and excellent feet. His dam, Emsland PS-daughter Bibi PS, is considered in the breeding stable Foldenauer Agrar GbR, Irsee as an uncomplicated cow with clear strengths in the middle hand. Strong rumps and the extremely functional udder complete the profile of the multiple calf cow Bibi P*S. The young bull Don PP* convinces through his appealing performance and fitness traits combined with an excellent rump.

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