Sire Proofs Holstein 08/2022

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Sire proofs Holstein August 2022

After the annual breeding value adjustment in April, the Holstein ZWS is entering calmer waters again. Nevertheless, a large number of young Genomic bulls will again start in the August breeding value estimation. BSG Greifenberg's own newcomer Dragon P RDC should be very interesting. He is currently in the top ten of the polled German black Holstein sires.


Newcomer Holstein Dragon P RDC

Dragon P RDC is out of the interesting combination Dynamic P x Spark Red x Styx Red from the deep German cow family around the successful show cow ETG Brekem Security EX-91. His red coloured dam ETG Sandy Red found a new home at Haussers Red Holstein/Jengen with the German Masters Sale 2019 and shows herself on the farm as an enormously balanced young cow with best udder quality. Dragon P's granddam is none other than one of the most sought-after German Styx Red bull dams ETG SummerWine VG-86. Accordingly, Dragon P can also convince with a strong hereditary profile and leaves nothing to be desired in conformation (RZE 130). In addition, offspring with best health traits (RZGes 129) and appealing fitness traits can be expected from him. The heifer bull Dragon P RDC can be widely used with his strong hereditary profile as well as the red factor trait.

Sire proofs Holstein Dragon P RDC

The bulls Suarez, Arcor and Corona can confirm their breeding values with increasing numbers of daughters. Holster P, newcomer in April, also convinces with strong, functional daughters on the farms. He brings again a little further line placement which should be observed in the front area. Casino has developed enormously lately and will expand the range of daughter tested Holstein bulls. On the farms his daughters shine with a medium frame and excellent fitness. Especially the fet&legs with well endowed claws catch the eye immediately and are the basis for the harmonious movement of the animals. Casino is a very good inseminator, best suited for heifer inseminations and also the calves stand out with their vitality. The Charley son Casino thus delivers a strong overall package for successful dairy farming.

Strong conformation of the Suarez daughters

Already at the December breeding evaluation the Superhero-son Suarez attracted attention with his first daughters. With the number of daughters that are now in foal he can increase his security significantly. The daughters show an appealing milk production and stand out due to their strong conformation. The deep-framed daughters have best foundations and udder quality per excellence. High health breeding values and sufficient body condition complete the hereditary picture of the Suarez heifer bull.

Holster P - Holstein polled and progenytested

In the April estimation Holster P made the jump to the progeny tested list and can immediately assert himself in the top segment of his group. The highlight of the Hologram P-son out of Commander Diana is certainly the high udder composite, which puts him on rank 15 of all polled Holstein sires. Also in the functional traits RZGesund (111), calf fitness (113), milkability (112) Holster P can convince, but as well with great components. With medium conformation his daughters have slightly longer lines which are especially wider in the front. The appealing RZRobot and the high calving suitability make the hornless sire Holster P an interesting mating bull.

BSG Holstein genomics

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Great variety of genomic Holstein sires

Sorelio Red P Sorelio P continues to be in Germany's top lists and can now convince with first animals on the farms and at the auctions all along the line. Sorelio P is on top level in conformation as well as in fitness and health breeding values. Sorelio Red P is available with sexed semen. To the breeding values of newcomer Sorelio Red P

Pessoa is considered a highly interesting newcomer and can convince with best ingredients with +0.22% fat and +0.09% protein as well as the A2A2 variant and good udder health. An appealing conformation and especially the very good feet&legs with very good Mortellaro resistance are some of his many advantages. The healthy, fertile and medium-framed cows with wide, optimally positioned pelvises fit ideally into the current Holstein population.

The Skelton son Skater shines with an impeccable conformation. He lets us expect broad, stable daughters with correct foundations and best udders. His high health breeding values as well as the strongly positive ingredients round off his hereditary picture in the best way.

In addition, Mayson P is an early Matty P son with a very complete conformation and positive contents and should be available from mid-September. The polled sire brings the robust cow with strength and width, foundations with high heifers and appealing udders with longer and correctly placed strokes.

The already long known bulls like udder specialist Suvari, milk producer Promise and ingredient specialist Sepia could successfully confirm their breeding values.


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Great variety on the BSG Holstein list

The insemination station Greifenberg has always maintained an intensive exchange of top genetics with the Holstein insemination organisations. And so, also in August 2022, numerous well-known Holstein names expand the station's own range. A look at our homepage www.besamungsstation.eu is always worthwhile.