Sire Proofs Brown Swiss 08/2021

BSG Brown Swiss Progeny tested

For the last breeding value estimate of 2020 there are again some Brown Swiss newcomers who are included in the breeding value estimate for the first time. In this December breeding sire proofs 2020 again some write-offs and adjustments of the Brown Swiss Breeding Value Testing Unit were made. Especially in the udder composite (-1.0) and the final score (-0.9) some major adjustments were made. Already in the previous breeding value estimation the udder composite was also already corrected downwards by 1.1 udder points.



Brown Swiss bullVisor P*S expands his top position

The Viper-son Visor P*S can further extend his top position among the daughter proven Brown Swiss bulls at the August breeding evaluation. Already 69 daughters of Visor P*S underline his appealing willingness to perform in connection with high milk components (fat +0,24%; protein +0,06%) in the first 100-day performances. With a growing number of scored daughters, Visor P*S could again improve strongly (!+8 points) especially in the udder traits. His impeccable udder inheritance (121) is also well secured by his excellent cow family with Huxoy-Bonita (EX-93) and Huray Bora as well known Brown Swiss cows. His dam Huxoy Bonita has meanwhile 7 calvings and more than 80,000 kg lifetime production. The udders show a good length and are especially pleasing with their strong udder seat, the good central ligament and the ideally placed teats. His fitness scores of 115 longevity, 113 udder health and 116 fertility are very positive. With a slightly below average milkability his daughters convince with their pleasant milking behaviour. Visor P*S has already been used internationally in several brown Swiss populations. With this August breeding evaluation Visor P*S was the first progeny tested bull in Switzerland to break the magic barrier of 1500 TMI points.

More Information: ⇒ VISOR P*S polled Brown Swiss


Davinci - newcomer with a well-known cow family.

On the sire's side we find Dario, a Payssli son from the USA who is not used very much. On the dam's side, the pedigree includes some of the best known German show cows with Vigor Faith, Pronto Faith and Starbuck Fiesta. His first daughters promise postitive protein values (+0,05%) and strong fitness traits. The daughters show strong udder health (115) combined with good milking speed (109) and high longevity (116). The medium-framed Davinci daughters please with their impeccable feet&legs (110) as well as the excellent udder quality (123). The udders show a good length (111) with a strong rear udder expression and a tight attachment (111).

VIPRO Pp* was also already a sought-after young Brown Swiss bull and successful bull sire. With this summer breeding evaluation he could also increase his TMI significantly. His strongly growing number of daughters certifies him a good milk quantity and can convince especially with the strong content inheritance (fat +0,34%; protein +0,09%). His offspring in milk inspire with an excellent feet&legs as well as udder quality. The udders are tightly attached with an ideal teat development and placement. From the Vipro Pp* daughters we can also expect a strong increase in performance (114) as with his dam Pronto Mausi. ⇒ VIPRO Pp* polled Brown Swiss

Already progeny tested of Brown Swiss bulls secure their breeding values

VIP is still considered the most interesting offspring of the well-known Brown Swiss Oldstar Vintage. With his performance-ready breeding pattern (+1109 kg milk), his daughters nevertheless show a strikingly good muscling (111). His offspring are just medium framed with functional traits in feet&legs and udder. Despite his medium frame he shows a great rump width.

With his increasing number of daughters from the second crop, AMOR can gain a little more and can also convince with his milk-emphasising heredity. A flat lactation curve (persistency 126), great longevity (112) and a strong udder health (114) in connection with a pleasant milking behaviour (110) round off his fitness values. In the field of feet&legs and udder traits Amor leaves hardly anything to be desired.

VIORI is out of the combination Vivid x Juleng x Prego. Viori is a bull that shows an enormously balanced heredity pattern with hardly any weaknesses. In the fitness traits service life (110), persistence (108), performance increase (108) and milking speed (109) Viori is always clearly above average. His daughters impress with a strong conformation in combination with an excellent udder quality. In the feet&legs Viori inherits, as often desired again, a little more angle.

VIPRO Frieda 2 lak.jpg

Here you can find the progeny-tested Brown Swiss bulls:

BROWN SWISS polled genomic sires


The young Valid son VALLEJO Pp* brings a blood refreshment in the polled Brown Swiss breeding programme. His dam Rubi is a medium-framed Wachter Pp-daughter. A strong rear udder width and a correct teat expression as well as placement belong to the strengths of this fourth calf cow on the farm Jordan Michael, Aitrang. In the pedigree of Vallejo Pp* you can also find the BSG Oldstar Juleng, a guarantor for body with, strength and depth. The genomic breeding pattern of Vallejo Pp* promises strong daughters with correct feet&legs. In addition, Vallejo Pp* can significantly improve milkability and udder quality, which is often desired in polled breeding.

VINCERO Pp* is the first Visor P*S son to be used for the first time in Germany. On the dam's side we find with Salomon, Vasir and Hucos three positively progeny tested Brown Swiss bulls. His dam Salomon Perle convinces after 4 calvings with dry feet&legs. An udder with excellent veining, tight udder seat and an appealing rear udder expression complete her strong appearance. The wide pelvis, positive content (+0,38%fat +0,15%protein), excellent fitness and impeccable udders are the trademark of Vincero Pp*. Vincero Pp* will be sufficiently available by the end of September.

The polled sire VARIANZ P*S promises the big-framed cows with a lot of width, enough strength and depth. His genomic profile allows to expect daughters with correct feet&legs and appealing udders. With a good length, especially the trait with longer teats stands out. High fitness and health traits are also among the advantages of the uncomplicated young Brown Swiss bull Varianz P*S.

DESIGN PP Bulle.jpg

BSG young sires - Brown Swiss

AMARIO 10.346385 - A2A2/BB

From the combination Amorie x Dario x Feuerstein x Vasir comes the young bull AMARIO. Amario is a very well developed, fine-boned and extremely correct Brown Swiss bull. His dam Rofario started in the lactations with an appealing performance and high contents. Rofario can also convince with her very fine, impeccable feet&legs and her strong udder quality. A correct topline, an enormously strong central ligament and the quick milkability are also among Rofario's strengths. The genomic profile also promises offspring with a functional conformation.



AMARULA 10.356925 - A2A2/BB

The Brown Swiss young bull AMARULA can claim several 100,000kg lifetime performance cows in his pedigree. Amarula comes from the combination with Huray, Vasir, Cadence and Amorie. He inspires already at his young age with the strong body development and the correct feet&legs. He is also one of the few Amorie offspring that can convince with positive ingredients. His genomic bredding pattern promises fitness strong offspring with advantages in rump width and rear udder width.


VOLANTIS 10.356955- A2A2/BB

One of the most interesting Vorsprung sons is VOLANTIS. Out of the combination Vorsprung x Amor Himiko x Huxoy Havanna x Jublend Hecke comes this well developed young Brown Swiss bull, available as well with sexed semen. His dam Himiko impresses in the breeder's barn with her strong conformation. Himiko convinces especially by her long middle hand, the correct rumps and the impeccable udder. Especially Himiko's udder length and rear udder expression are worth mentioning. From Volantis we can also expect a strong udder composite in combination with strong fitness values.



Vance Bulle.jpg

VANCE 10.435499 - A2A2/AB

From the combination Volker x Auranto x Easton comes the young Brown Swiss bull VANCE. This cow family stands for long-lasting and powerful animals in the breeding farm. Vance passes on excellent body width and depth to his daughters. The tall framed offspring move on clear and flawless feet&legs. Also in udder inheritance Vance convinces with his well attached, long fore udders, the wide rear udders as well as an ideally pronounced suspensory ligament. In the fitness traits, Vance lets us expect vital daughters with excellent persistence.


Cameron Bulle.jpg

CAMERON 10.346395 - A2A2/AB

Canyon x Amor x Himalaya is the sire line of the performance-oriented young bull CAMERON. In the side view his dam Asti is a very pleasing cow with a correct topline and an ideal rump position. The enormous long fore udder shows an excellent veining. From Cameron you can expect medium-framed offspring with a high willingness to perform and correct feet&legs. He is also extremely functional in udder composite and can convince especially in the fore udder and rear udder connections.


Cairon Bulle.jpg

CAIRON 10.435474 - A2A2/AB

From Amor's cow family comes the Canyon son CAIRON. His powerful dam Seasidebloom-Dida is the half sister of Amor. Granddam Debora has meanwhile reached a lifetime production of over 82,000 kg milk with 7 calvings. The genomic breeding pattern of Cairon suggests medium-framed cows with suitable feet&legs. A flat lactation curve and the strong udder quality are also the basis for his high longevity.


CARACAS combines a strong cow family around the line founders Denmark-Hecke and Raymo-Helene with the interesting sire sequence Casanova, Amor, Huxoy and Jublend. His dam Himiko convinces in the breeding stable Böhm GbR, Oppertshofen with her strong performance as well as an impeccable conformation. Especially in Feet&legs and udder quality  the Amor-daughter Himiko leaves hardly anything to be desired. Jublend-Heidi could already prove the strong conformation of her cow family at the Bavarian Young Breeders Show in Wertingen. Caracas is also expected to produce offspring with strong conformation. Caracas can therefore pass on excellent willingness to perform, cow family and udder quality.





BLOOMLORD and DEJAVU have been on the BSG Brown Swiss list for a long time and are two bulls that are also available with sexed semen and recommended for robotic milkins systems.

The enormously developed Braunvieh bull BLOOMLORD and by far the Blooming son with the highest breeding value is expected to have framed daughters with an ideal pelvic expression. Also the foundation and udder inheritance of Bloomlord correspond ideally to the requirements of a Brown Swiss cow. With his high fitness breeding values, especially in the areas of milkability, service life and persistency, complete the interesting hereditary picture of the ZW-strongest Blooming-son, who is

The BSG all-rounder DEJAVU (Dane x Zephir) promises offspring with strong type and positive ingredients. The young Brown Swiss bull is expected to produce large-framed animals with long but also wide rumps in combination with appealing udder quality. Due to the positive content inheritance, the correctly angulated rear legs and the flawless test deveoplement , Dejavu can be called an all-rounder, who is optimally suited for mating to the current Brown Swiss population.

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