Sire Proof Holstein August 2020

RZ€ for more efficieny


With the August 2020 breeding value estimate the breeding value RZ€ was published for the first time. The RZ€ is the first purely economically weighted total breeding value of German Holstein breeding. Additionally, the RZ€ is expressed on the Euro scale. This makes immediately visible what influence breeding decisions have on the operating result. In other words: The RZ€ makes visible what breeding is worth. This makes the new total breeding value a good tool for the economic evaluation and optimization of breeding decisions.

BSG Holstein genomics

PROMISE - among the best RZ€ bulls

We are especially pleased that with the young Holstein bull Promise, a Prosperous son out of Kerrigan Rosylane, we are able to offer you a Top 10 bull for RZ€ right away, which also receives the DDC Premium Logo. With this logo the 10% best bulls are awarded regarding high Mortellaro resistance of the offspring. With a fabulous +2757 for RZ€ he ranks 6th of all listed Holstein young bulls. Despite an enormously high performance predisposition of the Promise offspring (+2521kg ZW-milk), his fitness and functional characteristics are not neglected, which is shown by his RZGesund of 118. You can expect big cows with a decent body capacity from him. The udders of his daughters should be rear udders with correct teat placement. Ranked by RZM, top bull Promise can even be found in the top 3 of the current Holstein young bulls.


Also the component specialist Sepia (+0,65%fat +0,32% protein) ranks with a RZ€ of +2222 at the top of the profitability scale. Besides the top exterior with a lot of strength and pelvic width, it is the udder health (RZS 122) and as well udder quality (udder 128) that make Sepia an interesting choice for mating. Profitability is also in the focus of the breeding values of Jahoo. High performance in combination with positive inheritance of ingredients, metabolic stability and functional exterior can be expected from him.

⇒ Breeding values SEPIA and PROMISE

Polled Holstein top sires

BABYLON Bulle.jpg

The very popular homozygous Holstein polled bull Babylon PP* remained stable in his breeding values, which apart from its strong fitness and exterior breeding values is also suitable for robotc milking farms (RZRobot 114) and shows a tendency to easier calvings. Also Babylon PP* belongs to the 10% top bulls which receive the DDC Premium Logo. With Halifax P we can also offer you a heterozygous polled bull, which is as well among the top RZ€ sires with RZ€ +2532. The RZRobot (121), the strong fitness traits, as well as the top udder composite (128) complete the total package of Halifax P.

BSG Holstein progeny tested

Corona and Kantor P convince with their first daughters.

The breeding value development of the progeny-tested Commander-son Corona is also pleasing, who is now standing at RZG 135 and RZM 135 with +1570kg milk. Besides the functional conformation and the high performance disposition of the Corona daughters, it is especially the breeding values for hoof health (KLG 110) and Motellaro resistance (DDC 119) that recommend Corona for use. He also receives the DDC Premium Logo. ⇒ Breeding values CORONA

Supershot-son Seven up starts with his first high performing daughters into the 2nd crop. He shows an enormously balanced breeding pattern with the high-attached, robot-suitable udders as highlight. Seven up daughters should have a very stable metabolism despite their high performance. This is underlined by his breeding values for body conditioning score BCS 109 and metabolism META 110.

Already as a genomic young bull, Pace Red was very popular. With the August 2020 estimation he now shifts to the list of progeny tested bulls. The popular bull for heifer inseminations convinces with a RZG of 143 points and a RZM of 131 points with high performance figures (+1388kg index-milk) and negative fat content. In the type traits the high and firmly attached udders are especially positive, but the body capacity should be taken into account when mating.

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