Sire Proof Holstein April 2020

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Corona and Kantor P new offspring tested Greifenberg


As every year, the annual data adjustment was carried out in the Holstein Spring Breeding Value Estimate. When selecting the data, only animals of which father, dam and dam-father are known are now selected. The RZG was adjusted by -3.1 breeding value points for the black and white young sires. The adjustment was even higher for the Red Holstein young sires with -4.4 RZG. Due to this change, the top positions in Holstein breeding were mixed up again.

Babylon PP and Sepia still popular in demand as young bulls

Babylon PP is currently the highest milk performance sire (+1.854kg) of the German black and white Holstein list (VIT) and can also take the top place among the Batch P sons with RZE 121. The purebred polled young Holstein sire Babylon PP also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of fitness and health traits. Due to the basic adaptation Sepia now comes in at RZG 155. The young sire is available with sexed semen and takes the second place among the Semino sons. Sepia convinces especially through his enormously strong milk components of +0.63%fat and +0.30%protein.

⇒ Breeding values SEPIA and BABYLON PP

Sire Proofs April 2020 Holstein

Corona and Kantor P convince with their first daughters.

Excellent udder qualities are promised by the polled newcomer to the daughter tested bulls, the Kanu P-son Kantor P. The high attached udders, with a strong rear udder development and a slightly longer stroke make Kantor P an excellent AMS bull (RZRobot 131). A good milkability with appealing fitness and health traits are expected from the Commander-son Corona. His first daughters show a very balanced hereditary pattern and convince with suitable performances. With Adhere, the range of daughter tested Holstein bulls is extended by another interesting Commander son. Adhere convinces with his RZG 156 and with his excellent udder compositie (136). With his medium-framed breeding pattern he also improves the health characteristics (RZGes 112).


⇒ Breeding values CORONA and KANTOR P

Sire Proofs April 2020 Holstein

Jahoo - one of the most interesting Jaguar sons

Jahoo is one of the few available sons of Jaguar. The Jaguar-son with the highest milk index convinces especially with his strong positive inheritance of milk components. The young Holstein sire convinces with appealing feet&legs and high attached udders with a strong rear udder development. Especially in the functional traits, fitness and health, the newcomer Jahoo leaves nothing to be desired. Besides good calving results, vital calves with a later strong metabolic stability are expected.

A strong type with very good feet&legs and udder composite can be expected from the AMS bull Bellroy. He belongs to the few available interesting Benz-sons and can convince with positive milk components, as well as in the functional traits and health breeding values. At the moment Freemax is the No. 1 of all Imax-sons worldwide. Besides an appealing performance in combination with positive ingredients, his genomic profile suggests udder-strong daughters that suit ideally for robotic milking systems. Halifax P is a heterozygous polled offspring out of the well-known Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX92. Halifax P promises an improvement of milkability as well as udder and health traits. Hotgun also belongs to the half sibling group of Hotspot P sons. The young bull Hotgun can especially improve the functional traits and udder quality. Besides a longer teat development the udders of his daughters should also be perfectly suitable for robotic milking systems. With the combination Bonus x Dozer Bobby represents a real blood alternative. In the medium-framed body heredity Bobby can achieve a significant improvement especially in the areas of fitness, health, foundation and udder.


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