Sire Proofs Brown Swiss April 2020

BSG Brown Swiss Progeny tested

In the spring breeding value estimate 2020, the adjustments of the breeding values were within a manageable range. This resulted in slight changes due to the breeding value depreciation. Larger shifts were more frequent in bulls with an increase of milking daughters.

Amor, Brilliant and Vespa P*S confirm their sire proofs

Anibal-son Amor was again able to maintain his top position and is available with sexed semen again. His daughters are extremely functional in the farms and convince with good performance and an attractive conformation. Also the long service life (118), persistence (119), good udder health (110), as well as strong vitality (112) confirm the advantages of the Brown Swiss breed and the bull Amor. Brilliant can once again secure his breeding values with now 53 scored daughters. The Brookings-son out of the Federal Brown Swiss Champion Egiz Selina leaves nothing to be desired in terms of fitness traits and top milk components. Vintage the Vincent son is one again confirmed by meanwhile more than 1800 cows in milk. His medium-framed daughters show their strength in the rump conformation and feet&legs. Viamont started in the last Brown Swiss breeding value estimation new as daughter tested Vintage-son. Now that the first daughters have completed their first lactation, just small changes in milk quantity (+898) and udder (109) have been made. The heterozygous polled Vespa P*S could confirm his milk performance quality (+853) and milkability (123) with a growing number of daughters. With Jucator the fat (+0.19), protein (+0.11) and milk quantity were corrected. The udder specialist Jucator (udder 131) could now secure his high udder health (121), at the same time quick milking speed (118), ideal calvings (110) and the outstanding udder quality with more than 200 daughters in milk. He remains N°2 in Italy on the progeny tested Brown Swiss list.

Cadura and Viala start their career progeny tested Brown Swiss bulls.

Cadura is one of the first Cadence sons who can convince with his daughters. His offspring please with a good performance and a good udder quality. Also in the fitness characteristics Cadura leaves little to be desired. He can be recommended for heifer inseminations

The next daughter tested bull Viala is a further son from our reliable Brown Swiss oldstar Vintage. His medium-framed daughters stand out because of their correct feet&legs and their well attached udder. The strokes show an ideal expression and are well placed inside. Viala can be as well recommended for heifer inseminations and is the perfect choice with his good fitness figures.

Wide selection of Brown Swiss genomic sires

The young bull Bilanz comes from the well-known cow family Egiz-Selina. This exceptional cow by Michael Eberle, Ruderatshofen, was chosen as the 2014 Bundeschampion cow Braunvieh. From Selina comes the already progeny tested Brown Swiss bull Brilliant. With the combination Bisto x Anibal x Egiz, Bilanz promises an enormously positive heredity of conformation. The genomic pattern of Bilanz promises tall-framed offspring with strong rumps. Also, in udder composite Bilanz leaves hardly any wishes open for his daughters. Positive components as well as appealing fitness traits round off the breeding pattern of the extremely correct, strong young Brown Swiss bull Bilanz.

The Seasidebloom-son Seahawk is out of another very successful cow family. His mother Jucator-Ulli could already convince at the Jucator progeny show with her strong attached and very well textured udder and an appealing start in the first lactation. Already the grandmother Verdi-Uschi represents the strengths of Brown Swiss with her strong ingredients and impeccable feet&legs. From the Brown Swiss bull Seahawk we can expect medium-framed daughters with high fitness traits. One of the strengths of his offspring is certainly the excellent udder inheritance.

With Vassli, Visconti, Huray and Jublend in his pedigree, Vasa has only positive daughter tested bulls. His mother Carmila convinces in the breeding farm Ellenrieder Martin, Kaufbeuren especially by her enormously strong feet&legs and the appealing udder quality. The breeding pattern of Vasa promises medium-framed daughters with excellent feet&legs. Vasa also promises a well atttached udder with a strong central ligament and the often desired, slightly longer teats. His good persistence and top longevity round off the positive fitness values of the young Brown Swiss bull Vasa.

The heterozygous polled Brown Swiss bull Vicente P*S has an interesting sire sequence with Vikada P*S, Hapat and Juleng. His dam Hapat-Rena convinces at the breeder Fischer Florian, Ingenried especially by an enormously strong udder seat. Remarkable in this cow family are also the high components and the excellent fertility. From Vicente P*S you can expect medium-framed daughters with functional udders. The positive breeding pattern of the ingredients and the enormously strong fitness traits such as longevity, persistence, udder health and milking speed should be emphasized.

The Brown Swiss bull Viera P*S, also a heterozygous polled bull, stems from the very strong Honorius daughter Klara from the Guggemos Josef breeding farm in Oberdolden. Klara is characterized by her deep, long middle hand and the correct topline. The rump and feet&legs characteristics show an ideal expression. The udder is high attached with a long fore udder. Klara's sister and dam also convince with their high fat and protein values. From the heterozygous polled Brown Swiss bull Visor P*S-son Viera P*S we can expect medium-framed daughters with high milk components. The fitness traits longevity, milkability and fertility are also among the strengths of the Viera P*S cow family.

BSG young sires - Brown Swiss

Atlas and Caleidos Pp* extend the range of young Brown Swiss sires

The young bull Atlas can look back on one of the most famous Brown Swiss cow families in Germany. In his pedigree we find the enormously udder strong cows Vigor-Faith, Pronto-Faith and Starbuck-Fiesta. Not only by their conformation the cows of breeder Barnsteiner Hermann, Ennenhofen could attract attention on numerous shows, also their lactation performance is impressive. With now 6 calves, his dam Vigor-Faith has an average performance of 13,713 kg milk with 3.84% fat and 3.73% protein. From Atlas we can expect appealing performances in combination with high fitness values. His genomic profile also promises the strong conformation inheritance of this cow family.

Caleidos Pp* presents a slightly different bloodline in the polled breeding program with his father Cadence. His dam convinces at the breeder Wuchenauer Stefan, Aitrang by her enormously strong side picture. A long body, correct feet&legs and a high-attached udder belong to the advantages of Viper-daughter Evita. Also the fore udder length and the rear udder shape are among her strengths. You can expect fit, medium-framed daughters with functional feet&legs and udders from the heterozygous polled Brown Swiss bull Caleidos Pp*.


Amorie is considered to be an enormously willing Amor son (+1,300 kg milk) and once again confirms his top position among young sires in Germany and Austria. His strong feet&legs and udder composite is certainly also worth mentioning. Sufficient stability in his body and attractive fitness breeding values round off his positive breeding patetrn.

Aristo is a half-brother of Amorie, from whom we can also expect sufficient performance with high fitness values (116). With the combination of the sire lines Seasidebloom, Hucos and Vasir, this interesting mating can certainly convince. Aristo lets us expect tall-framed daughters with benefits in feet&legs (118) and udder quality (116).

Bloomlord remains the Blooming son with the highest breeding value. The feet&legs and udder inheritance of Bloomlord meets the requirements of a modern Brown Swiss cow. His high fitness breeding values, especially in the areas of milking speed (111), longevity (110) and persistence (111) are also worth mentioning. Also the appealing milk yield (+727kg) is not common for offspring of the type specialist Blooming.

Piano originates from the combination of Piero with Verdi, Payssli and Vasir. Besides the not everyday pedigree, the strong udder composite (119), combined with high milk quantity (+978kg) is one of Piano's strengths. The xoung Brown Swiss bull is available with sexed semen and leaves hardly any wishes unfulfilled even in the fitness characteristics (112).

Vassido comes from the combination Vassli x Juleng x Joel. The strong physique characterizes his heredity and his cow family. Vassido passes on positive components and a quick milking speed (114). Vassido is the perfect choice to improve capacity body width and depth, the rumps and the udder quality. Furthermore, his daughters are not expected to have too short and thin strokes. Vassido is available with sexed semen

We can expect very functional offspring with ideal foundations from the heterozygous polled Vipro Pp* son Viray Pp*. A positive tendency can also be seen in his fitness characteristics and the inheritance of ingredients.


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